Team Tempest

Working together to develop the Next Generation of Combat Aircraft

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The Future of Combat Air

Tempest is the next-generation combat aircraft, operating at the cutting edge of technological innovation and securing the UK's position as a global leader in combat air.

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Tempest Aircraft Concept

Team Tempest is delivering world firsts in advanced technical capabilities.

The Tempest aircraft will deploy new, game-changing technology and is set to join the RAF fleet from 2035, replacing the Typhoon.

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Working in Partnership

Team Tempest is made up of a group of industry partners: BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Leonardo and MBDA. These partners are working with the RAF’s Rapid Capabilities Office and the Ministry of Defence to develop the technologies needed for the next generation of combat air. Find out more about the partners in our team.


The Lightweight Affordable Novel Combat Aircraft (LANCA) concept looks to offer increased capability, protection, survivability and information when deployed alongside combat aircraft.

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