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The Grob 115E Tutor was made and equipped especially for the RAF in Mattsies, Germany between 1999 and 2002. Since 1999 it has equipped Air Experience Flights, University Air Squadrons and Elementary Flying Training Squadrons. Being easy to handle and fully aerobatic, the aircraft is excellent for teaching the basics of flight.

It normally carries 2 crew members sitting side by side, with instructor on the left and student on the right, but for display flying the student is omitted and the pilot flies from the right hand seat. The Aircraft is 96% Carbon fibre, of semi-monocoque construction and is powered by a single 180hp Textron-Lycoming engine.

For display flying, the aircraft is not as powerful as the purpose built display aircraft. However, this makes for an interesting display as 'energy' (a combination of speed and height) must be maintained between manoeuvres; only possible through smooth and precise handling by the pilot. The Tutor display will often begin with a dive from height in order to build up the speed necessary to perform its opening manoeuvres. It may not be the largest, loudest or fastest aircraft on the circuit, but this gives the pilot opportunity to show their skill and finesse.