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Spitfire MK356 seen from the Dakota ZA947 in the ‘Trenchard’ display.

Scheduled Battle of Britain Memorial Flight displays for 2021 will be shown here once approved.  Details of flypasts are not included here as they are too numerous, but will be promulgated on social media weekly, along with expected timings of appearances.

Flying is subject to weather and aircraft serviceability.

Spitfire Mk 5b

Display Season

The display season normally runs from the beginning of May to the end of September each year, with pre-season work-up flying for the crews taking place in April, culminating in Public Display Approval being sought for each pilot from the Air Officer Commanding No 1 Group.  During the display season all the aircraft fly regularly and its aircraft and crews deploy away routinely on display duties.  Meanwhile, routine servicing and rectification work also takes place in the Flight’s hangar.

The BBMF is typically tasked to fly over 100 displays and around 800 flypasts at events of all shapes and sizes during each display season, generating around 1,000 individual aircraft appearances each year. The display programme takes careful and extensive planning, each sortie often involving several events, to maximise the opportunities within the limited aircraft flying hours available (the hours limits are imposed to ensure the aircraft’s long-term preservation).

During the winter season – from October to March each year – the majority of the Flight’s aircraft (except for the Chipmunks) are kept on the ground for extensive winter maintenance to prepare them for the next display season and to ensure their long-term preservation.  Usually, at least one of the aircraft is scheduled to undergo a ‘major’ maintenance programme each year, under contract, away from Coningsby.

Request a Display or Flypast

Anyone can request a display or flypast of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight with the RAF Display Team Application 2022. 

Flypast Form

Word Doc: RAF Flypast Application 2022

Display Form

Word Doc: RAF Display Application 2022

Send it to the Royal Air Force Air Events Team at: [email protected] 

By post:

RAF Air Events Team,
Bentley Priory Building,
RAF Northolt,
West End Road,
HA4 6NG.

By phone: 020 8833 8769 / 020 8833 8762

The Team do not choose where and when they will display; display allocation is controlled by the RAF Events Team.

The deadline for applications is 30 September of the year preceding your event.  Requests received after this date will not receive support.

Note: RAF participation is not permitted at events that are closed to the public and private functions such as weddings, funerals, anniversaries or birthdays.

The Royal Air Force Events Team receive a large number of requests for displays each year, but only a limited number can be fitted into the team's summer programme. All bids must be made in writing before the end of September for the following summer. The BBMF display season generally begins in May and finishes in September each year, and the Team is unable to display outside this period.


Displays conducted by RAF aircraft attract display and insurance charges. In addition, organisers are responsible for any costs that would not have been incurred but for the asset’s participation, such as transport between accommodation and display site and other incidental expenses. Information about current charges, crew composition and other financial conditions may be obtained from the RAF Air Events Team on 020 8833 8769.

Request a Flypast

The BBMF also complete many flypasts each summer as they transit from display to display. The display season generally begins in May and finishes in September each year, and the Team are unable to perform flypasts outside this period. Flypasts, with very rare exceptions, are permitted only when the BBMF are already in transit close to where the flypast is required. They are not programmed to do flypasts that involve a considerable deviation from the planned route because this would incur extra fuel and aircraft operating costs.

The Team are not permitted to carry out flypasts for weddings, funerals or birthdays. Flypasts are always subject to cancellation at short notice for operational reasons such as weather conditions and Air Traffic Control restrictions.

Flypast Guidance

A flypast is a non-aerobatic event. There are normally no charges for flypasts. Aircraft are only launched for dedicated flypasts in exceptional circumstances, for which charges are usually levied.

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight aircraft may undertake sorties combining multiple flypasts where aircraft will perform up to 3 passes at each event. If an organiser is willing to be flexible on timings and is able to give a large timing window, this increases the chance of an aircraft being allocated.

Flying Display Guidance

Organisers are reminded of the statutory requirement to comply with the conditions contained within the CAA publication ‘CAP 403 – Flying Displays and Special Events’. If an event includes flying activities by civilian aircraft, the organiser should apply to the CAA for permission under Article 86 of the Air Navigation Order. Details of how to apply and all relevant CAA regulations can be found in CAP 403, which is available via Where military regulations are more stringent than CAP 403, the military regulations will apply to all military aircraft participating at an event.

The safety of spectators is the principal consideration in the planning and conduct of air displays and even if an event does not require CAA permission, a display line is still required. This should be positioned at least 230 metres from the crowd line and should prevent over flight of spectators. 

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