Date Flight Scheduled Check in Notes
07/04/2020 Concessionary payments infoPassengers are asked to pay concessionary payments by card where possible.
29/04/2021 AKROTIRI Passengers  info****ALL personnel and dependents aged 12 and over  must produce a negative PCR Covid test result in order to FLY. The test must have been taken no more than 72 hours before the departure time. **** *** NO NEGATIVE RESULT = NO FLY ***
31/03/2021 ASCENSION ISLAND Passengers info****From the 31st of March, ALL personnel and dependents aged 12 and over  must produce a negative PCR Covid test result in order to FLY. Convalescent Waivers will not be accepted. The test must have been taken no more than 72 hours before the departure time. **** *** NO NEGATIVE RESULT = NO FLY ***
17/05/2021 DAKAR & FALKLANDS ISLAND Passengers infoAs of the 31st March. All personnel and dependants aged TWO and over must produce a negative PCR Covid test result in order to fly **Convalescent Waivers will not be accepted**As of the 16th May 21. All Personnel travelling to the Falkland Islands MUST be in possession of a negative Covid PCR Test conducted within five days of departure.  Routinely, personnel should undertake a test no later than 72hrs prior to departure to provide a 48hr contingency should flight delays occur.  As well as risk mitigation, this also ensures that should personnel be required to overnight in Senegal they will meet HN entry requirements.  **No negative PCR test result = NO FLY**
19/06/2021 RR2300 07:30 02:30-04:00 infoEARLY CHECK IN BETWEEN 19:30 - 21:00 18/06
19/06/2021 RR2738 11:00 06:30-08:00
19/06/2021 RR4076 14:00 09:30-11:00
20/06/2021 RR2716 20:00 15:30-17:00
Date Flight Scheduled Notes
19/06/2021 TOW2233 08:45
19/06/2021 RR4941 13:40
19/06/2021 RR4039 16:40
20/06/2021 RR2301 14:50
20/06/2021 RR2709 17:50





The UK Government have made it a legal requirement for all passengers aged 11 and above to wear face coverings, from 15 June 2020, when using public transport. 

This applies to passengers on MOD flights and therefore all travellers aged 11 or above must be in possession of a face covering when they report for their MOD flight, unless medically exempt.

Children under the age of 3 should not wear face coverings, whereas those between 3-11 yrs old can wear a face covering but are not required to.

Depending on certain aircraft frames being utilised – children aged 6-11 yrs may also be required to wear a face covering, therefore these passengers must be in possession of a suitable face covering.

Personnel aged 6 and over travelling on South Atlantic flights to Dakar and Mount Pleasant must wearing a face covering for the duration of the flight, unless medically exempt.

If you are being driven to the Air Terminal to check-in via MOD provided transport, you must wear a face covering. You may be prevented from accessing MOD provided road transport (except self-drive MT) if you do not have a face covering.

There is no specification for face coverings, other than that they must cover the nose and mouth; scarves, head overs and home-made coverings are acceptable. Face coverings with toggles on the straps must not be worn as these impose a flight safety risk.

Further information about face coverings is available in Defence Advisory Note 19, the GOV.UK website or specific Coronavirus legislation.


On the date of your flight, if you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, or suspect you have COVID-19, you must NOT try to check-in or fly.  Instead you must re-book your flight for a later date, following isolation and testing, when you are safe to fly.  You will be asked at check-in to declare that you are not suffering from COVID-19 and are fit to fly.  If you are obviously symptomatic you will be not be checked-in and if you make a false declaration you may be subject to disciplinary action.  It is very important that you do not put other passengers and those involved in operating the Air Transport Service at risk.  If you are unsure of the symptoms of COVID-19 or what measures to take, please visit the government website.


All personnel aged 11 and over who are flying from RAF Brize Norton to RAF Akrotiri are to have a COVID-19 test no more than 72 hrs prior to departure. Children under 11 do not require a COVID-19 test.

All personnel must produce proof of a negative test result, along with their passport, upon check in - before being permitted to fly. The result will also need to be produced upon arrival at RAF Akrotiri.

Personnel without a negative test result (no test taken, or no result received) will not be permitted to fly, unless give a BFC waiver obtained via their Unit or Station HR no later than 6 hrs prior to departure; passengers in this category should highlight themselves to the Movements Staff within the Air Terminal. There is no longer a requirement for an additional test on arrival in Cyprus, due to the Republic of Cyprus re-categorising the UK as Amber. 

Service personnel travelling on duty to and from Cyprus must hold a valid passport. Dependants and civilians travelling for postings, will require a valid passport bearing a status stamp. All passengers travelling to and from Cyprus must hold a valid passport with six months validity from their date of return to the UK. There are no visa requirements for Cyprus, however, if you do not hold a British or EU passport, ensure that you are correctly documented for your return to the UK.

From 1 Jan 21, all military personnel arriving into Cyprus (including the Sovereign Base Areas), based in BFC, or visiting, will require additional documentation; MOD90, passport and an F Ident 173 (issued by their relevant admin section or department).

For status stamp renewals and replacements, you will need to contact the Fiscal Office. For new or replacement F Ident 173 forms, you will need to contact your unit admin.

Failure to produce relevant documentation may cause delays during the immigration process. Family members and friends who wish to visit should be aware that there are new rules in place concerning passport validity and length of stay in the EU. Current travel advice for Cyprus can be found here.

Visits planned for longer than 90 days require additional visa documentation and personnel should seek advice from the Defence Travel Management Office (DTMO) Visa Section.


All personnel aged 12 and over who are flying from RAF Brize Norton to Ascension Island are to have a COVID-19 test no more than 72  hrs prior to departure. All personnel must produce proof of a negative test result, along with their passport, upon check in - before being permitted to fly.

Personnel without a negative test result (no test taken, or no result received) will not be permitted to fly.

All passengers travelling to and from Ascension Island must hold a valid passport with six months validity from their date of return to the UK. There are no visa requirements for Ascension Island, however, if you do not hold a British or EU passport, please ensure you hold the correct documentation for your return to the UK.

Non-MOD passengers (excluding Military, CS and Met) travelling to Ascension Island must be in possession of an e-Visa to enter. AIG employees must possess a copy of their contract employment. Without the above documentation you will not be authorised to fly.

There is no requirement to present a negative COVID test result upon returning to the UK from Ascension Island.

Please note travel to Ascension Island will be on a C130 or A400M aircraft, instead of Voyager (A330). Therefore, long trousers, long sleeved shirts, sensible footwear and a warm layer must be worn.


All personnel aged 2 and over, travelling from RAF Brize Norton to the Falkland Islands are to have taken a PCR COVID-19 test no more than 72 hrs prior to departure. All personnel must produce proof of a negative test result, along with their passport, upon check in - before being permitted to fly.

Personnel without a negative test result (no test taken, or no result received) will not be permitted to fly. Please note: an LFT will not be sufficient.

All passengers travelling to and from the Falkland Islands must hold a valid passport with six months validity from their date of return to the UK. There are no visa requirements for the Falkland Islands, however, if you do not hold a British or EU passport, ensure that you are correctly documented for your return to the UK.

Passengers will receive advice within their booking confirmation with regard to possible delays on arrival in Dakar (owing to adverse weather conditions), where passengers will not be permitted to leave the aircraft. It may be advisable to carry the following items within their hand luggage: a light weight sleeping bag, suitably sized wash kit, change of clothes and medication (if required). Carriage of insect repellent is also advised.


Kenya (NBO): All service personnel travelling to Kenya must have a physical hard copy of the ‘New Letter of Entry Form’ prior to check in. You must have had a PCR Covid-19 test within 96 hours of departure.


Current information regarding UK Visa Requirements and UK Customs please use the links below:

UK Visa Requirements – information for international passengers for travelling into the UK

UK Customs Restrictions – information stating what can be brought into the UK, what cannot be brought in and what you must declare on arrival


Passengers travelling inbound from the following countries will be required to complete 14 days isolation at a Quarantining Facility where MT transport will be provided from the Air Terminal at Brize Norton; Afghanistan, Angola, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Burundi, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Congo (Democratic Republic), Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Eswatini, Ethiopia, French Guiana, Guyana, India, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Uruguay, Venezuela, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

For up to date information regarding the red list country restrictions, please follow this link for the UK Government Website.


To reduce the footfall in all areas of the station and negate unnecessary travel, in accordance with the UK Government COVID-19 guidelines. Non-station pass holders (including dependant pass holders from other stations) can no longer be given access to RAF Brize Norton for the drop off and collection from the Air Terminal.

Passengers will need one of the following forms of identification to access RAF Brize Norton:

British Nations

  • Valid full Passport.
  • Current UK Photocard Driving Licence.
  • Police Warrant Card.

Other EEA Nationals (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway)

  • Full EEA Passport.
  • Residence permit issued by Home Office to EU Nationals.

Other Nationals

  • A valid, signed and full passport.
  • Home Office documentation confirming the individuals’ UK immigration status.

Unaccepted Forms of ID

  • Duplicate or photocopied documentation.
  • An international driving license.
  • Birth Certificate (issued more than 6 weeks after birth).
  • Any expired passport.



Currently, due to Covid-19 restrictions only serving personnel are allowed onto camp to collect and drop off passengers for inbound or outbound flights.

When the Covid-19 restrictions are eased the following process will happen:

Access to RAF Brize Norton can be granted to collect and drop off a passenger if you have one of forms of identification listed above.

You cannot enter the RAF Brize Norton to collect a passenger more than 2 hours before the flight is due to land. You will only be granted access if the passenger you are meeting is listed as being on the flight, this will be confirmed by the Main Gate Reception security staff before you are allowed access to the Station.

There are some countries to which special security regulations apply, if your identification is from one of these countries, you may be asked further questions about the passenger that you are meeting, an escort may be provided, or you may be denied access to the Station. Please contact the Main Gate security if you have any queries before arriving at RAF Brize Norton.


Passengers using a passport that is issued in a different name to the flight booking will need to provide evidence of the name change. E.g. a marriage certificate or deed poll certificate. If passengers are travelling with children with a different surname, evidence such as, a birth certificate, is also required.


Guidance on travel documentation requirements should be contained within movement directives, instructions or orders.

Personnel travelling to remote or non-routine locations should check with either the Defence Travel Management Office (DTMO) Visa Section or call the Travel Advice Line on 08458 502829, for the most up-to-date travel info on immigration and entry requirements.


Due to the current COVID-19 limitations, passengers are advised that there are limited facilities available within the Air Terminal. This includes reduced Cost Cutter shop opening hours; however, several vending machines and a Costa machine is available. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you during your visit.

The following facilities are also available within the Air Terminal:

  • Check-in, Passenger Information and Air Transport Liaison Officer (ATLO) Desks
  • Cost Cutter Shop in Main Lounge with self-pay Costa Coffee machine (with reduced times, as above)
  • Café Area outside Cost Cutter Shop
  • Coffee and Co. Shop in Departure Lounge with limited opening hours
  • Snack and Drink Vending machines in Main Lounge and Departure Lounge
  • Self-pay Costa Coffee machine in Main Lounge
  • Complimentary Tea and Coffee facilities in Departure Lounge
  • Water Fountains in Main Lounge and Departure Lounge
  • Children’s Play Area and Soft Play in Departure Lounge (currently out of bounds due to COVID-19)
  • Limited free Wi-Fi
  • Televisions
  • Cash Machine near Cost Cutter Shop
  • Showering Facilities in Main Lounge
  • Toilets in Main Lounge, Departure Lounge and Arrivals Lounge
  • Disabled Toilets in Main Lounge, Departure Lounge and Arrivals Lounge
  • Baby Changing Facilities situated within the Disabled Toilets in Main Lounge, Departure Lounge and  Arrivals Lounge
  • Royal Mail Post Box in Main Lounge
  • Recycling and Rubbish Facilities


For up to date information regarding flights and general queries, please call the Passenger Information Line:

  • 01993 89 5861 (Civilian)
  • 95461 5861 (Military)


Passengers should firstly contact their original booking office to enquire about any changes to their flight(s). Any changes to flight(s) to and from Akrotiri or Mount Pleasant should be rectified by the respective Joint Booking Centre (JBC).


All passengers should receive a Booking Reference, which is also commonly referred to as a Confirmation Number or Passenger Named Record (PNR), from their booking office. An example of this reference is A0A123, which consists of 6 alphanumeric characters. All the information regarding flight itinerary and baggage allowance will be quoted on the PIT (Passenger Itinerary).

Please contact your booking office if you have not been informed of your baggage allowance or latest reporting time.


For application methods and contacts details please see the Concessionary Travel document.


Free short-term car parking (up to 12 hours) is available opposite the Air Terminal. This must only be used when dropping off and collecting passengers.

Medium and Long Term car parking applications can only be made by passengers who hold a valid Defence Identity Card. The applications must be made as soon as possible by emailing We can no longer accept phone applications.

Please include all the following information in the email:

  • Name, Rank and Title
  • Car registration number
  • Flight number
  • Date of departure
  • Date of return
  • Form of identity you possess (MOD 90, MOD Site Pass, MOD Civilian, MOD Contractor)
  • Contact number
  • Parent Unit

Failure to include all the above information may result in your application being rejected. If you are a concessionary passenger and do not have a booking confirmation number, you must still apply.


Check in will open 4.5 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Check in will close 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Check in times are published above. Certain scheduled flights (Akrotiri, Falkland Islands) may have early check in available, this will also be listed above. This excludes movements through the Joint Air Mounting Centre (JAMC) at South Cerney, whereby you will receive Call Forward Instructions or alternative information with your flight details.


If you are delayed for any reason contact the Air Movements Staff in the Air Terminal as soon as possible on 01993 895861.


Your hold baggage allowance will be shown on your booking confirmation.

The following limitations apply for hold baggage:

  • Max. weight: 32kgs per bag or item
  • Must not exceed dimensions: 100cm x 60cm x 45cm

You will be charged excess baggage at the current rate of £10 a kg for any baggage presented at check in which is above your entitlement.

Should you need excess baggage as per the JSP 800, you must request this through DPRC or your own booking centre in advance. You must not request this on the day of your flight.

Accompanied hold baggage is defined as suitcases and bags holding a passenger’s personal belongings such as clothing, footwear, toiletries, books and personal portable electronic devices (such as MP3 players, handheld game consoles and laptops). For some destinations, MoD issued Windows 7 and 10 laptops cannot be taken, please contact RAF Brize Norton’s Protective Security Flight (01993 896364 or if you have any queries.

Accompanied baggage does not include:

  • tools and toolboxes 
  • vehicle spares and engineering equipment
  • large electrical items (e.g. televisions, desktop computers)

These items are classed as unaccompanied baggage. If presented, these items will be rejected at check-in.

No items may be carried in your baggage that are deemed as Dangerous Goods in International Aviation Regulations. If you have any queries about an item, please contact RAF Brize Norton Passenger Information on 01993 895861 or use this link to access further information - Dangerous Goods Information.


The following limitations apply for cabin hand baggage:

  • Only one item per passenger
  • Max. weight: 9kgs
  • Must not exceed dimensions: 60cm x 53cm x 25cm (bag must fit in the frames provided at check in)

Laptops must be stored in appropriate laptop bags and be within the cabin hand baggage entitlement. All personnel with a Service Issue laptop are to have a signed certificate from their Unit Security Office in accordance with JSP 440. For some destinations, Windows 10 laptops are not to be carried, for further queries please contact the PS flight at your unit.


If you have a combined itinerary that includes both RAF Trooping and Civil Charter flight, you should check that your baggage does not exceed the allowance limited by your civil flight.

Check the number of pieces, size and weight of your baggage complies with the airline’s limitations, whilst ensuring that no one item exceeds the maximum weight and dimension restrictions above. 


A passenger’s personal belongings that include engineering equipment, household goods (such as TVs, desktop PCs and outsized items) are examples of air freight. When required to be transported at public expense, these items are termed ‘unaccompanied baggage’, and carriage must be arranged through the Air Freight Centre, MoD Abbey Wood, Bristol.


Items of sports equipment that do not comply with the hold baggage dimensions (as above) will be categorised as excess baggage or freight.

However, to enable sports teams to travel with their equipment conditions apply as detailed in JSP 800, Volume 2, Part 2, Chapter 6, Paragraph 5.

For individuals to travel with sports equipment such as; bikes, golf clubs, surf boards: you must contact Passenger Plans as soon as you have your booking confirmation to request this. Please email with your booking confirmation, date of flight and item you wish to take. Please note this item must be included within your baggage entitlement.


The MoD is not liable for the cost of insuring baggage and personal effects. Passengers are strongly advised to obtain their own insurance to cover loss or damage to baggage.

In the first instance passengers should make a claim to their own kit insurance cover. If a passenger reports damage to their baggage within the Air Terminal they will be issued a ‘Damaged Baggage Form’ with additional information regarding baggage insurance. If this is unsuccessful, the passenger will need to contact the Baggage Claims Officer, sending an MoD Form 441 to:

Baggage Claims Officer,
Business and Finance Office,
RAF Brize Norton,
OX18 3LX


Passengers travelling on C130 Hercules, C17 Globemaster and A400M Atlas aircraft must wear sturdy footwear, long sleeves tops or jumpers and trousers.

Civilian clothes are to be worn by passengers on Service, MOD chartered or civilian aircraft, unless otherwise directed in mounting instructions, movement orders, preparation and administrative instructions for specific operations and exercises.

Certain territories may forbid military personnel from disembarking the aircraft in uniform. Guidance can be sort in the DAP3150.

For passengers travelling to North America, the dress code is civilian dress. However, the dress policy for exercise and operational passengers is uniform when transiting on a military flight. If passengers in uniform have a planned night-stop in a civilian environment (e.g. hotel), they should carry a change of civilian clothing in their hand luggage.


Personnel requiring accommodation for courses etc, must call their respective messes to arrange their stay in a station room: 

  • Officers Mess – 01993 89 7147
  • Sgt’s Mess – 01993 89 6030
  • Junior Rank’s Mess – 01993 89 7764 or 7146

The Gateway House is not available for such reasons.


Passengers may stay at Gateway House the night before departure (outbound) or after landing at RAF Brize Norton (inbound), on a fill up basis. Please be aware that delayed passengers have the priority for the use of the Gateway House facility.

Currently due to Covid-19 restrictions, all rooms (except families) are single occupancy. When restrictions are eased, rooms will return to twin bed occupancy and the VIP rooms will become available.

Confirmed outbound passengers may stay free of charge, however, indulgence or non-confirmed passengers are charged per room, per night as follows:

  • Adults (and those over 16) - £7.50
  • Under 16's - £3.75

To create a room reservation and add your name to the flight diary at the Gateway House please call 01993 897320 or 95461 7320. Reception is manned 24 hrs a day. THIS IS NOT A BOOKING.

Families wishing to reserve rooms at the Gateway House will be allocated inter-joining rooms, and cots are available for small infants. Please note: there are no tea and coffee making facilities within the rooms.

Rooms will be available from 1600 hrs, however if you arrive before this time, there are lounges available with televisions and tea and coffee facilities (with a charitable donation). On arrival at the Gateway House, passengers must have their ID available to be checked against the relevant manifests.

There is no baggage storage available at the Gateway House under any circumstances. Please do not ask reception to store your baggage as it will be declined. Do not leave baggage unattended in accordance with Station security measures.

MT transport will be provided from the Gateway House to the Air Terminal 4.5 hours before the scheduled flight departure time. Reception will have the most up to date departure times for your information. Transport can divert via the Station Armoury if required. For inbound passengers, transport to the Car Hire area can also be requested.

Personal weapons can be stored in the Station Armoury overnight if you arrive between 7am-9pm, outside of these times your weapon can be stored at the MPGS Guardroom.


The nearest railway stations to RAF Brize Norton are Oxford and Swindon. Visit National Rail Enquiries.


The following hire car companies are available at RAF Brize Norton:

Thrifty: 01993 227177

Brize Self Drive: 01993 867366

Avis: 0808 284 0014

The collection and drop off point is located just outside the main gate of RAF Brize Norton at the Hire Car carpark. A shuttle service is provided from the hire car carpark to and from the Air Terminal. Passengers are not allowed to access the Station with their hire car.


If you are driving a Service vehicle or diesel car hired through the MOD contract, you can refuel at RAF Brize Norton. If you do not already have a key for the ERIC system, a visitor’s key can be obtained from MT Ops. Ask for directions to either the fuel pumps or MT Ops from the Main Gate.

Note that we have no petrol and cannot provide fuel cards to visitors. If you have a petrol hire car you must get a fuel card from your own unit or pay for the petrol yourself and claim it back on JPA. You can get an advance from JPA if required. There are two petrol stations close to RAF Brize Norton – BP and Asda.


Currently, due to Covid-19 restrictions the taxi companies listed below can drop passengers off to the Air Terminal but are not able to collect from the Air Terminal. Passengers must walk to the Main Gate for taxi transport to collect. Please see below for list of authorised access companies:

  • ACE Cabs – 10993 84 0055
  • Benfield’s Taxis – 01793 34 5868
  • Charlie’s Taxis – 01993 84 5253
  • Club Class Chauffeurs – 01323 44 2222
  • Mark One – 01993 84 0405
  • Roadrunner Taxis – 01993 20 0549

When the Covid-19 restrictions are eased taxis will be able to collect passengers from inbound flights at the Air Terminal.


For outbound flights out of Brize Norton: MT Transport is provided for passengers from the MT Ops Compound, Hire Car Parking, Gateway House and Station Armoury to the Air Terminal when required.

For inbound flights into Brize Norton: MT Transport will automatically be sent to collect passengers from the Air Terminal.


Onward transport services from the Air Terminal to Heathrow and Oxford are for military passengers, their dependants and MOD civilians only. Coaches will run from the Air Terminal 90 mins after aircraft arrival.

RAF Brize Norton provides a coach service from the Air Terminal to Oxford Rail and Coach Station and Heathrow Airport (LHR) T1 and T5. This is available for all inbound Operational, South Atlantic Airbridge, BME and Cyprus Trooper scheduled flights. Passengers for London Gatwick (LGW) are to connect with the Non-MOD Heathrow and Gatwick transfer coach service at Heathrow.

For any other inbound flights to Brize Norton it is the responsibility of the passengers and their unit to organise their transport.

Tickets can be obtained from the information desk in the Arrivals Lounge, prior to boarding the coach. Please note: this service does not collect passengers from Heathrow or Oxford Rail and Coach station. Passengers must not disembark from the coach at any stops en-route to Oxford and Heathrow.

Connect with RAF Brize Norton