The RAF is an inclusive employer which supports and values difference. Our people are as varied as the roles they fulfil. Meet some of the team below. Also, find out more about our inspiring STEM careers.

Flight Lieutenant Kathy Morten

Working as an engineer on the Chinook fleet, Kathy enjoys the technical challenges and working as part of an inspiring team

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Flying Officer Nick Horner-Boyd

After leaving school with no GCSE's Nick joined the RAF where he has studied for a BSc and graduated from Initial Officer Training. 

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Sergeant Josephine Drew

Jo deployed to Afghanistan on Op Toral in 2016/17 and is currently training as an Air Loadmaster.

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Squadron Leader Marcus Ramsden

Marcus is a Senior Engineer Officer who has led the Red Arrows engineering technicians and flown with Red 1 to China.

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Wing Commander Manjeet Ghataora

Manjeet is a Senior Engineer Officer currently supporting EUFOR in Sarajevo.

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Sergeant Danny Burke

Danny has served in the RAF for 16 years and competes internationally for GB as a Luge athlete.

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Sergeant Jonathan Wilcox

Jonathan is an Aircraft Technician (Avionics), working alongside industry partners and the Royal Navy.

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Lance Corporal Shanwayne Stephens

Shanwayne is a RAF Regiment Gunner and also competes in the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team.

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Flight Lieutenant Lucy Nell

Lucy is a RAF Medical Officer, who has also gained Elite Athlete Status to pursue her other passion in life - competing in triathlons. 

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Senior Aircraftwoman (Technician) Hannah Fry

Hannah is an Aircraft Technician (Avionics).  She completed her trade training at RAF Cosford and now maintains Chinook helicopters, as well as looking after the electronics onboard.  In her spare time, Hannah enjoys playing with the RAF Women's Cricket Team. 

Image by SAC Amy Lupton
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Flight Lieutenant Matt Curry

Matt is a Trainee Pilot whose career highlight so far was his first solo flight and being presented with his aircrew badges.

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Flying Officer Joshua Durdant-Hollamby

Joshua is currently a pilot in training, who since joining the RAF has learnt to Nordic ski and taken part in the Great Escape 75th Anniversary.

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Corporal Josh McNally

Josh is a Weapon Technician who is currently a professional rugby player for Bath rugby team.

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Corporal Lauren Nineham

Lauren is a RAF Survival Equipment Specialist with the Parachute Engineering Squadron. 

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Senior Aircraftman (Technician) Lewis Mayers

Lewis is an Aircraft Technician (Mechanical). He helps to make sure Puma helicopters can be rapidly deployed on operations.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Sergeant Zara McIntosh

Zara is an Exercise Remedial Instructor. She specialises in musculoskeletal rehabilitation ranging from those with severe trauma to sports injuries.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Chief Technician Dave Fegan-Long

Dave is an engineer. Dave has achieved more than he thought possible in the RAF, including completing an 8 hour repair in 60 minutes in Iraq - the aircraft saved a soldier's life.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Squadron Leader Joan Ochuodho

Joan oversees the delivery of human resources, specifically Service Discipline and Welfare, at a large RAF station. 

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Corporal Richard Retallick

Richard and his military working dog Riki help to provide security at an RAF station.

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

Senior Aircraftwoman Rosetta Norbert

Rosetta is a RAF Chef. She was recently awarded Best in Class, Chef of the Year and Best Female Competitor of the Year.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Flight Lieutenant Peter Smiley

Peter is a pilot and Co-Responder. He's inspired by his missions in Iraq and Afghan, flying Medical Emergency Response Teams.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Corporal Emma Pook

Emma is a RAF Firefighter. Alongside firefighting and crash rescue, she is the RAF Hockey goalkeeper.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Chanel Walker

Chanel is a Surface Finisher. She enjoys her role in a small team that fully repaint Puma helicopters.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Sergeant Rachel Malthouse

Rachel is a RAF Photographer. She has photographed incredible people, equipment, and situations around the world.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Senior Aircraftwomen (Technician) Emma Ockendon

Emma is an Aircraft Technician (Avionics).  She started her career in the RAF working on Puma helicopters, and enjoys riding her horse 'Midnight' with the RAF Equestrian team. 

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Senior Aircraftman (Technician) Alistair Sammon

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Corporal Melissa Benfield

Melissa joined the RAF Police in 2016. She is also part of the medal winning RAF Women's Bobsleigh Team.

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

Warrant Officer Caroline Cooper

Caroline is a RAF Medic. She has helped to save lives across the world and has been most inspired by the determination of injured personnel she has treated.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Dr Deepna Varsani

Dr Deepna Varsani is a civilian dentist working in an RAF station dental centre. She is proud of helping to improve dental fitness and ensuring personnel are fit to deploy.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Senior Aircraftman Wesley Cummings

Wesley is a General Technician (Workshops). He manufactures and repairs components for aircraft, vehicles and specialist equipment. He's proud of the bespoke items he has designed and created.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Flight Lieutenant Alexandra Robson

Alexandra completed an Officer Commanding Personnel Services Flight tour at RAF Cosford, as well as a Service Discipline and Personal Support tour at RAF Shawbury.  Alexandra is also a keen sportsperson, having represented the RAF at Netball and Golf, and visited Australia and Portugal during her 5 years of service.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Senior Aircraftman Niall Carlyle-Reid

Niall is a RAF firefighter and embracing all the opportunities and experiences that RAF life can offer.  

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Corporal Karl Soare

Karl is a RAF Regiment Gunner who prepares personnel for deployments worldwide. When he's not at work, he dons a different uniform to save lives as a SCAS Co-Responder. 

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

FS Justin Kmieciak-Thorpe

Justin is a crewman and Tactical Training Instructor. Justin draws on his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan to instruct crewmen from the Army, Royal Navy, and the RAF.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Sergeant Simon McNamara

Simon is a Communications Infrastructure Technician. Growing up in a forces family, Simon knew he was destined to join the RAF and now leads the team looking after the Puma and Chinook helicopter mission support systems.

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

Chief Technician Paula Cil

Paula is an engineer, managing the technical trade for the Puma Force. She joined the RAF to fix aircraft and now inspires future generations as a STEM Ambassador.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

James Maltby

James joined the RAF as a driver in 2015 and has since been deployed to Spain and Sweden.  He is most proud of providing logistics during RAF 100 Centenary Parade.  James now refuels aircraft and supports RAF logistics as a civilian.

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

Sergeant James 'Ash' Ashwell

James joined the RAF at 15 years of age and has since worked on Chinook, Hercules, and Tristar. He now trains future Chinook helicopter crews.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Corporal Kelly Flynn

Kelly is a Cyberspace Communications Specialist currently working in Satellite Communications.  She is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and is a committee member in both the RAF LGBT+ Freedom Network and the RAF Diversity Allies Network.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Annabel Dennison

Annabel is a RAF Dental Nurse helping to make sure our personnel are fit to deploy worldwide.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Corporal Liam Price

Liam is a Survival Equipment Specialist graduating from RAF Halton.  He has completed a 3 month tour of Afghanistan supporting Puma Helicopters, and also finished 5th for his age group, in the World Rowing Masters at Lake Varese, Italy. 

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

Wing Commander Darren Howe

Darren is a Senior Engineering Officer working with the Chinook helicopter in Saudi Arabia.  He also represents the RAF at motorsport.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Flight Lieutenant Joshua Elliott

Joshua is a junior Engineering Officer. He joined the RAF in 2014 to work with "driven and talented people on highly capable aircraft around the world".

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

Senior Aircraftman George Chappell

George is a No. 1 Expeditionary Logistics Squadron at RAF Wittering working in Forward Stores and supporting 5001 Squadron.  His main role involves ensuring equipment is efficient and ready in a timely manner for Engineering colleagues to use in theatre.  George is also on deployable readiness to support any potential Operations overseas to various aircraft detachments.

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

Senior Aircraftman Daniel Walkingshaw

Daniel is a RAF Mover. He supports the deployments of personnel and equipment on exercises and operations around the world.

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

Group Captain Andy Baron

Andy is a Puma helicopter pilot who joined the RAF in 1998. He delivered emergency aid in the Caribbean in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Corporal Holly Roberts

Holly is a Catering and Hospitality Specialist. Holly has served Her Majesty and achieved a Gold medal at the tri-service culinary competition.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Helen Stephens

Helen joined the Medical Centre team at the end of 2017 and is the Pharmacy Technician who prepares and dispenses medicines for personnel and families.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Senior Aircraftman Zachary Clarke

Zachary is a Survival Equipment Specialist. He specialises in fitting and repairing life-saving equipment for individual aircrew.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Sergeant Rob Reader

Rob Reader is a Weapons System Operator. He is a critical member of the three person crew that operate Puma helicopters.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Senior Aircraftwoman Alexandria Stewart

Alexandria is the personal assistant to a RAF Station Commander. She joined in 2016 after completing her trade training as Personnel Support.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Flight Lieutenant Elizabeth Herbert

Elizabeth is a Voyager aircraft Captain. She pilots the Voyager on a range of tasks, such as the air-to-air refuelling of other aircraft.

Image by SAC James Skerrett

Flight Lieutenant Simon Phillips

Simon is a junior Engineer Officer. He leads a team of Aircraft Technicians to ensure RAF aircraft are airworthy and available.

Image by SAC James Skerrett

Senior Aircraftwoman (Technician) Lauren Cassin

Lauren is an Aircraft Technician (Mechanical). She makes sure RAF aircraft are ready to meet the daily flying programme.

Image by SAC James Skerrett

Flight Lieutenant Emma Spencer

Emma is a RAF Nurse in the Cardiac Department at the OU Hospital. Emma was part of the Tactical Medical Team that conducts worldwide aeromedical evacuations.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Sergeant Luke Noyle

Luke is an Air Traffic Controller. He has looked after Puma and Chinook helicopters, and the Red Arrows since he completed his training.

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

Corporal Alexander Copas

Alexander is a Weapons Technician who has worked worldwide with aircraft including Puma, Chinook, Typhoon, and Hercules.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Reverend (Squadron Leader) Philip Corrigan

Philip is Chaplain at a busy RAF station. He provides support to all, regardless of faith.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse