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Low flying

Low flying is an essential skill for aircrew and must be practised in order to fulfil the tasks demanded by current operations.


Phone us on 01993 896500 or email us at bzn-opswgflyingcomplaints@mod.gov.uk

Find out more about low flying, or how to complain on GOV.UK.

Drone flying

Operators flying drones near any military airfield must ensure they are aware of the UK policy for their safe operation. The Drone Code forms part of the Civil Aviation Authority's advice and guidance to drone operators which can be found on their website.

Night flying

RAF Brize Norton operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in support of UK foreign policy and NATO commitments worldwide.

In order to meet our obligation, we have a wide-ranging infrastructure, which ensures our aircrew are trained to the highest standards. Inevitably, the maintenance of such high standards requires that we fly our aircraft in the local area, and further afield, in daylight hours, and at night.

Nevertheless, we strive to ensure that noise is kept to a minimum, especially in the quiet hours.

Viewing area

There are no official viewing areas in the vicinity of RAF Brize Norton.

Passenger information

Passenger staff can be contacted at RAF Brize Norton on the information line: 01993 89 5861.

For the latest passenger information, please visit our Facebook page.

Air Freight Centre

For cargo enquiries about sending freight on RAF Brize Norton aircraft, including charity & welfare goods, please contact the Air Freight Centre, DSCOM Abbeywood.

Air Freight Centre, DSCOM Abbeywood - Telephone 030 679 81113 or 030 679 81114.

Defence Aerodrome Manual

The Defence Aerodrome Manual (DAM) contains accurate aerodrome data for RAF Brize Norton.  All airfield users, both military and civilian, are to ensure they are familiar with the relevant sections of the DAM prior to operating at RAF Brize Norton.  For further information regarding the DAM and its contents, please contact Station Operations at BZN-OpsWg-VisitorOps@mod.gov.uk.

Airspace Change Proposal

The RAF Brize Norton Airspace Change Consultation Document can be accessed through the following link: Download the RAF Brize Norton ACP Consultation Document (PDF, 3MB)

Details on how to submit any responses can be found on page 41 of the document. RAF Brize Norton will be holding a number of Public Consultation Events, details of which will be advertised on this web page in the New Year.

The London Oxford Airport Airspace Change is a separate proposal, their Consultation Document can be found on the London Oxford Airport website:



It has been brought to our attention that the labelling for the proposed CTAs 9 and 10 within Figure 8 and Figure 9 is inconsistent. Therefore please note the following corrections:

Figure 8: The labels for CTAs 9 and 10 should be transposed.

The correct vertical limits within Table 2 should read:

CTA 9 3,500 ft to 7,000 ft

CTA 10 5,000 ft to FL 125

Figure 9 is labelled correctly.

The full document will be updated in due course.

Thank you for taking the time to review our Consultation Document. Some respondents have commented that the images appear to be stretched and have found them difficult to interpret. This was clearly not the intent, as we have provided accurate geo-referenced images of our proposal. However, we have managed to reproduce the images to provide a ‘flatter’ image of the proposal, which some consultees may find useful. We have also included an update to Table 2 from the document which provides the associated vertical limits of the proposed airspace areas.

Whilst the information provided within the images in the original consultation document were accurate, we recognise that these new images may be easier for some stakeholders to interpret. Therefore, we will extend the consultation period by a period of 2 weeks meaning that the consultation period will close on Thursday 5th April 2018. The separate consultation for London Oxford Airport will also extend by the same period to run concurrently with the RAF Brize Norton consultation.

We recommend that stakeholders visit this web page regularly to be sure to receive any updated information.

OS Map (PSA)


Revised Table (PSA)

Scheduled Local Training Sorties

The Scheduled Local Training Sorties documents, for RAF Brize Norton (PDF, 42KB), Keevil (PDF, 26KB) and Weston on the Green (PDF, 26KB) are updated regularly and made available for your convenience.

Please note RAF Brize Norton is an operational airfield. While we are committed to minimising disturbance and informing the local community there are times when, due to operational, security or engineering reasons, we are unable to give prior notice of airfield activity outside of normal working hours, however, we strive to keep this to a minimum.

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