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The aim of the annual RAF Air and Space Power publication is to explain and promote the role of the RAF to policy makers, industry partners, academics and interested stakeholders both at home and internationally. As well as highlighting vital partnerships with industry, each issue also focuses on the key procurement activities, taskings and operations that the RAF has recently undertaken and shines a light on technology trends within the air sector. Along with articles by expert defence journalists, the publication also includes articles by senior RAF officers, international air chiefs and industry leaders.

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Air and Space Power Review

The Air and Space Power Review is currently published three times a year with Spring, Summer and Autumn/Winter editions.  The publication aims to support the British armed forces in general and the Royal Air Force in particular by developing thinking about the application of air power.  The intention is to provide a forum for high quality and academically credible articles on air and space power, with the objective of stimulating debate and promoting the evolution of air and space power thinking within the wider military and academic communities.  Guidance for authors may be found here.


Latest issue (print edition): Vol 25. No. 3

Chief of the Air Staff's Reading List

The Ministry of Defence online library includes a selection of many of the titles featured in the Chief of the Air Staff’s Reading Lists 2012-2018 which are available to all Ministry of Defence personnel for free. Chief of the Air Staff's Reading Lists 2012-2019.

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Academic Papers

The views expressed in  these papers are those of the authors and do not represent those of the Royal Air Force. Furthermore, such views should not be considered as constituting an official endorsement of factual accuracy, opinion, conclusion or recommendation of the Royal Air Force, or wider Ministry of Defence.

Air Power Theory / Doctrine

Re-presenting British Air Power Doctrine: A Visual Model of Air Power’ by Wing Commander C. R. Melville MBE

The Effect of National Caveats on Risk Aversion and Military Efficacy in Alliances’ by Wing Commander S. Ryles


The Threat to Geopolitical Stability Posed by ‘Compatriot Politics’ in Russia’s European Near Abroad’ by Group Captain J. P. Sutton

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