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New Channel 5 documentary series follows Red Arrows over 12 months

A new television documentary series following the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team over 12 months will be shown on Channel 5 from January 9.

The six-part series features the Red Arrows during the Royal Air Force’s centenary year.

As well as exceptional access to what happens in the air, the programmes also showcase the work of the team’s ground crews, engineers and support personnel.

The Red Arrows will feature in a new Channel 5 documentary starting on January 9
The Red Arrows will feature in a new Channel 5 documentary series starting on January 9.

The series, called The Red Arrows: Kings of the Sky, begins as a new team leader starts work in the autumn of 2017 – revealing how he designed and developed ambitious, fresh manoeuvres for the high-profile 2018 season – a process that has never before been filmed for television.

The six, 60-minute episodes have been produced by Shiver, a multi-award-winning ITV Studios label.

Its film crew were given unprecedented access to the Red Arrows, following the team across the UK and beyond.

The documentary followed the Red Arrows over 12 months.
The documentary follows the Red Arrows over 12 months.

Guy Davies, Commissioning Editor (Factual) at Channel 5, said: “We are incredibly proud to deliver the most in-depth documentary on the Red Arrows in a generation.

“We’ll get to know the cast of characters and put Channel 5 viewers right at the heart of the action, giving them a taste of what it’s like to be in the cockpit of a jet flying complex aerobatics at 600mph, within just six feet of its neighbour’s wing tips.”

Mike Blair, Exec Producer at Shiver, said: "This is a series that not only showcases some of the most jaw-dropping flying and aerobatics, it also gets up close and personal to an amazing group of people, the pilots and engineers who make up the Red Arrows.

Cameras followed the team at home and overseas
Cameras were with the team at home and overseas.

“They gave us 12 months of access during one of the hardest years in their history, revealing their human face as they dealt with tragedy, and their passion and professionalism in the sky and on the ground.”

Wing Commander Andrew Keith, Officer Commanding, Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, said: “With cameras following the Red Arrows for 12 months, this documentary is the most in-depth and extensive about the team for years.

This unprecedented access, with filming at dozens of locations, will allow viewers to understand more about the detailed preparation, training and teamwork – both in the air and on the ground – that goes into producing world-class displays and representing the UK at home and overseas.

“Audiences will see the Red Arrows taking part in major events marking the Royal Air Force’s 100th anniversary, including a huge flypast over London, and we hope this excellent footage inspires all those watching.”

The documentary is produced and directed for Shiver by Jamie Simpson.

The series is the most in-depth for years
The series is the most in-depth about the Red Arrows for years.


The series is the third military series recently commissioned by Channel 5, following the success of Warship: Life at Sea and Raw Recruits: Squaddies at 16, completing the trio of accessed documentaries on land, air and sea.

The Red Arrows: Kings of the Sky will broadcast on Channel 5 on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 2100hrs.

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