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12 Squadron to support air security at the World Cup 2022 

Typhoons taking off.
12 Squadron is a joint UK-Qatar Squadron flying Typhoons on operations. 

12 Squadron will contribute to air security at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar later this year.  

Qatar will host the tournament, with matches scheduled to begin in November 2022.  This will be the first time any Arab country has held the event, which sees national football teams compete against each other for the World Cup.

Typhoon on the runway.

12 Squadron, based at RAF Coningsby, is a joint UK-Qatar Typhoon Squadron.  They will support counter-terrorism efforts during the FIFA competition, ensuring it is safe and successful for all football fans across the world.

Three Typhoons flying in formation.

The news was confirmed by His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, The Amir of the State of Qatar and UK Prime Minister, during a meeting earlier this week.  

Three Typhoons flying in formation.

The leaders celebrated the shared relationship between Qatar and the UK, affirming a commitment to continue strengthening their strategic partnership and tackling global challenges jointly.

Three Typhoons flying in formation.

12 Squadrons contribution to air security will be part of a wider UK Ministry of Defence support at the FIFA World Cup 2022.  Additional maritime security capabilities, advanced venue search training, operational planning support, command and control support, and further specialist advice will also be provided.

Typhoon in flight.

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