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20 Squadron allocated numberplate

Entrance to the The Air Surveillance and Control System Operational Conversion Unit
The Air Surveillance and Control System Operational Conversion Unit 20 Squadron teach advanced training to UK tri-service personnel in Air Defence roles, preparing them for front-line operations.

The Air Surveillance and Control System (ASACS) Operational Conversion Unit has been allocated the 20 Squadron numberplate.

Since its formation on 1st September 1915, 20 Squadron operated during the First World War, Second World War and Cold War; during which it was stationed in Germany for many years.  In 1992, the numberplate was assigned to the Harrier Operational Conversion Unit at RAF Wittering where it remained until disbandment on 31st Mar 2010. 

As the ASACS Operational Conversion Unit, 20 Squadron conducts advanced Phase 2 and Phase 3 combat ready training for Air Operations Branch and Trade Group 7 personnel employed across defence.  The Phase 2 training task qualifies RAF personnel in critical Air Defence roles responsible for: monitoring, detecting and identifying all aircraft in and around UK Airspace; and controlling UK Quick Reaction Alert Aircraft employed on UK or NATO Air Defence missions. 

ASACS training personnel in a classroom based lecture.

The Squadron also conducts advanced Tactical Air Command and Control and Air Battlespace Management training for UK tri-service and coalition personnel, preparing them for contingent operations including complex, multi-domain war fighting.  The ASACS Operational Conversion Unit will continue 20 Squadron's long association with training and preparing RAF personnel for front-line operations.

The allocation, which took effect on 1st June 2021, follows the allocation of the 19 Squadron numberplate to the ASACS Control and Reporting Centre at RAF Boulmer and the 78 Squadron numberplate to RAF Swanwick in Hampshire.

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