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Christmas Duty for RAF's Aviators

RAF Dog Handler holds her dog.

As we reflect over the Christmas period with family and friends, it is important to remember that many RAF Whole Force personnel will be working to protect the UK and its Allies in the UK and Overseas.

Regardless of the time of year, personnel work hard across a range of branches and trades to continue operational and routine outputs.  The RAF is grateful for the talented, selfless, and highly motivated people giving their time to continue over Christmas, while others finish for the festivities.

A large amount of the RAF Workforce will be deployed, unable to spend the Christmas period with family and friends back home.  But with camaraderie, festive spirit, virtual calls, and the chance of a turkey dinner served in the Mess, they can still celebrate.

Personnel sit inside a hangar to eat.
Personnel deployed in Mali.

Squadron Leader Wright is Officer Commanding the Logistics Squadron at RAF Benson.  He will act as the Duty Supply Officer over Christmas, to provide and transport spare parts for Puma and Chinook helicopters at short notice. 

Personnel hold clipboards.
Squadron Leader Wright, Duty Supply Officer.

"I offer my festive greetings to the Squadron Warrant Officer, Trevor Baker who is currently deployed in the Falkland Islands."

Squadron Leader Wright
Duty Supply Officer, RAF Benson

Senior Aircraftman Hodgson works as an RAF Chef in the Officers’ Mess at RAF Waddington; this year he will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for other workers on camp.

Chef places decoration on a board of pretty cakes.
Senior Aircraftman Hodgson, RAF Chef.

"This is the second Christmas I will have worked in my RAF career and quite honestly I find the role incredibly rewarding and enjoyable."

Senior Aircraftman Hodgson
RAF Chef, RAF Waddington

Senior Aircraftwoman Serena is a Space Surveillance Operator at RAF Fylingdales.  Her work is vital to monitor objects in space and track satellites every day, all year round.   

Operator sits at computer and desk.
Senior Aircraftwoman Serena, Space Surveillance Operator.

RAF Police Dog Handlers will continue to provide station security and care for their Military Working Dogs.  Corporal Northcott will conduct patrols at RAF Benson, while Corporal Howells will work in the Dog Section at RAF Waddington.

RAF Dog Handler with dog, wearing a Santa hat.
Corporal Northcott, RAF Police Dog Handler.

"I would like to wish my family and also everyone else a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from myself and all the RAF Police Military Working Dogs teams here at RAF Benson."

Corporal Northcott
RAF Police Dog Handler, RAF Benson

RAF Dog Handler cuddles dog, who licks her ear.
Corporal Howells, RAF Police Dog Handler.


"Like everyone else I would definitely like to be at home with my family for Christmas & New Year but spending it with my Arms Explosive Search dog Oscar and the rest of his four-legged friends is a rewarding alternative."

Corporal Howells
RAF Police Dog Handler, RAF Waddington

Four Spaniel dogs sitting.

The RAF wishes everyone, wherever you are and whatever you are doing in the World, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, safe in the knowledge that you are being protected by our dedicated aviators 24/7.

Snowy street with a photographer kneeling in the middle.
A 'Winter Wonderland' at RAF Leeming.

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