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Exercise Eagle Warrior

Exercise Eagle Warrior brought together the best and brightest military minds from the Royal Air Force, British Army, Royal Navy, Joint Force Command, Defence Intelligence, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, the United States Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force.

This operational-level war game was the first of its kind in eight years but was in fact much more than a game alone, it was a platform for conceptual analysis and critical thinking as well as the development of further interoperability with our Allies. 

The wargame lasted two weeks with multiple games being played throughout, focussing on how wars might look in 2030.

The Game Director, Air Commodore Jules Ball said:

“Eagle Warrior was designed to enable a truly joint and integrated fight, collecting evidence to contribute not only to Air-Land and Air-Maritime integration, but also multi-domain (Space and Cyber) integration in a complex battlespace.  It was executed brilliantly."

Joint Force Commander, Air Vice Marshal Gerry Mayhew.