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Hercules C-130J conducts beach landings

Image shows Hercules aircraft on the beach.

Members of 47 and 24 Squadron and a specialist team of Tactical Air Traffic Controllers have been conducting Natural Surface Operations, or Beach Landings on Pembrey Beach in Wales.


Image shows Hercules aircraft taking off.

Tactical Air Traffic Controllers deploy ahead of any landing on unprepared surfaces such as grass, desert and, as was the case here, beaches.

Image shows RAF aviator kneeling, as the Hercules aircraft takes off.

Defence Firefighters also deployed to provide emergency cover throughout the training serials.

Image shows Hercules aircraft on the airfield.

After surveying the landing strip, and removing any debris, Tactical Air Traffic Controllers then checked that the surface could withstand the weight of the C130 and endure the multiple touchdowns for pilots to complete the required training.

Image shows RAF aviator in the cockpit of the Hercules aircraft.

Once the survey was complete, they then marked out the boundaries of the temporary landing zone. This included markers on each end and additional points of reference indicating the aircrafts' touchdown zone.

Image shows Firefighter vehicles on the beach.

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Image shows Hercules aircraft flying low.

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Image shows close up of the front nose of the ercules aircraft on the beach.