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InsideAIR 31: Fuelling a sustainable future RAF

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Episode 31 is fuelling a sustainable future of the RAF!

Aircraft air to air refuelling.

Sustainability and climate change are hot topics in the wake of COP26.  Burning fossil fuel in jets is an environmental issue, but there are alternatives in synthetic aviation fuel to biogas.  The RAF is working to fight these sustainability challenges to tackle global warming and achieve net zero by 2040 to move towards a carbon-neutral future - both in the air and on the ground.  

Aircraft on the ground.

The RAF have recently broken the Guinness World Record for operating the first flight, fully powered by synthetic fuel.  What other strategies are the RAF’s using to reduce carbon emissions?  Find out in this episode of InsideAir with Group Captain Maurice Dixon, as she discusses RAF Leeming’s 'Living Laboratory' and more. 

Personnel around aircraft.
The RAF working in collaboration with Zero Petroleum team to achieve the first flight, fully powered by synthetic fuel. 

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