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InsideAIR Episode 44: Central Flying School

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InsideAIR Episode 44 takes off with the Central Flying School


RAF aircrew receive some of the best training in the world, but who trains the trainers? The Central Flying School (CFS), based at RAF College Cranwell, ensures the highest standard of instruction is delivered to trainee pilots and aircrew across a broad spectrum of organisations. 

Founded in 1912, just nine years after the Wright brothers first powered flight and six years before the RAF even existed, CFS is renowned globally for excellence in aviation instruction.

Image shows RAF Pilots in the cockpit.

With such a rich history and strong reputation, taking on the role of leading the School is a huge responsibility. That’s why InsideAIR spoke with Group Captain Mike, the newly appointed Commandant of the Central Flying School. 

In this podcast, Group Captain Mike explains how CFS delivers training today and how they are embracing virtual reality, 360 video and even learning psychology to help future war fighters be the best they can be.

Image shows trainee pilot in the cockpit of an aircraft.

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