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Launch of the RAF Sikh Dress Guide

Personnel in Sikh dress stands before Union Jack flag.

With the end of National Inclusion week 2021, the RAF continue to celebrate its inclusive workforce with the launch of the RAF Sikh Dress Guide. 

Our people find true strength in diversity and enables all to thrive and drive change to create the next generation of the RAF.  Thus, in collaboration with the Defence Sikh Network, the Guide aims to support male and female Sikhs serving in the Regular RAF, RAF Reserve and Cadets by providing detailed information on Sikh dress.

Personnel in Sikh attire inside the temple.
Personnel visit the Central Gurdwara in Shepherd’s Bush.

The Guide will also advise their Chain of Command and explain why Sikhs wear their different articles of faith, so that others can get a better understanding of their serving Sikh colleagues.   

Personnel in Sikh attire stand by the Statue.
Squadron Leader Mahinder Singh Pujji Statue, the RAF's Turban Wearing Sikh Fighter Pilot.

This follows several updates to the RAF appearance policy for women, with further guidance on RAF Sikh dress guide and other faith dress guides to come.

Personnel in Sikh attire.

The Defence Sikh Network UK Facebook page has shared a video explaining the Armed Forces Sikh Dress Guide Series. 

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