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Specialist task takes RAF Media Reserves to Cyprus

Personnel from Media Reserves and 7644 Squadron, based at RAF Halton are out in Cyprus gathering footage and photography for an upcoming specialist project for the Royal Air Force.

The projects focus is to highlight the extraordinarily diverse cultural, religious and community backgrounds of some of the Armed Forces personnel of the UK.

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Wing Commander Howard Leader, Commanding Officer of 7644 Squadron and Media Reserves headed up the Mobile News Team that went out to Cyprus to gather the material.

“Whilst the weather wasn’t kind to us, we were able to visit Army and Air Force colleagues at work around Cyprus who gave us some outstanding stories about their careers and the lived experience of serving in the Armed Forces.”

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Although a short trip, it was a challenging task including specialists in the fields of filming, audio and journalism with varied and invaluable interviews.

SAC Reece Cowlishaw was the Journalist in the Mobile Team and conducted the interviews.

“It really is fantastic to work alongside such dedicated and talented media specialists. As a journalist you don’t always get the opportunity to appreciate the other elements of a shoot, but working alongside three videographers and an audio technician gave me a real insight and a greater understanding into the amount of set-up and care that’s taken in making sure that the material captured is of the highest quality. We’re all in it together, so we work as best as we can for one another to achieve an amazing output.”

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The media collected on the trip will be essential to the Tri-Service project headed by the Recruitment team at RAFC Cranwell who created the opportunity to illustrate diversity within the Armed Forces. The project will run until April 2017 when the finished documentary material will be published on social media channels.

Editor: SAC Reece Cowlishaw

Photographer: SAC Rob Bourne

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