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Protector makes its way to the UK

A new Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) destined for RAF service is now past half way on its historic flight across the Atlantic, from the USA to the UK.

The UK is the lead customer for the next-generation SkyGuardian aircraft which will be known as the Protector RG Mk.1 when it enters RAF service in the early 2020s. Operated at all times by a fully qualified pilot, Protector is the World’s first RPAS to be designed, built and certified against stringent NATO and UK Safety Certification standards equivalent to manned aircraft.

Ready to roll - the General Atomics SkyGuardian is prepared for its historic flight at Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota.

This is the first time a medium altitude, long endurance RPAS has flown across the Atlantic. If you have a flight radar app you can follow Protector's progress using its registration N190TC, it is scheduled to arrive at Fairford at 18:45 this evening at the end of its 20 hour flight.

Protector making its way over the Atlantic