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RAF in Romania join the US ARMY in a 5km fun run to celebrate American Independence Day

Royal Air Force personnel have joined in on a 5km fun run led by the US Army as part of the various 4th July Celebrations taking place at Mihail Kogalniceanu (MK) Air Base in Southern Romania, where members of the US Army and RAF are currently deployed on operations.

Members of 135 Expeditionary Air Wing, alongside the US Army, US marines Corps and Romanian Air Force.

Nine members of 135 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) were ready at the starting line at 06:30hrs this morning, alongside  personnel from the US Army, US marines Corps and Romanian Air Force, to run a 5km distance around the perimeter track of the Air Base, in remembrance of the implementation of the American Declaration of Independence of the July 4, 1776.

The race ended in a triumphant victory for 135 EAW, who finished in 1st place for the female competitors and 3rd place for the males. The US Army wrapped up the fun run with a prize-giving ceremony, where medals and American themed gifts were awarded to the front running troops.

The US Army Garrison Commander participated in the 5KM run alongside her troops. 

“This is the largest turn out the installation has had for a fun run to date, over 100 persons are here today.  It is great to showcase our international military camaraderie through healthy sport competitions.  We were honoured to have members of the British Royal Air Force participate and show their fitness prowess and war readiness, walking away with a first place female and third place overall male win.”

Lieutenant Colonel Tracey Smith
US Army Garrison Commander


Flight Lieutenant Fergus Atkinson O’Sullivan was ranked 3rd place out of all the males, he was awarded with a medal in front of the other competitors by Lieutenant Colonel Smith.

“The event was really good fun. It’s great that our American colleagues continue to invite us to participate in sports events with them.  The guy who won was seriously quick… I couldn’t quite catch him in the end! Overall it has been a nice way to start the day and kick off the Independence Day celebrations here at MK Air Base.”

Flight Lieutenant Fergus Atkinson O'Sullivan

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