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RAF Logistical Support personnel deploy to Denmark

Royal Air Force logistical support elements including 3 Mobile Catering Squadron, from RAF Wittering have deployed to Denmark to support the annual Joint Expeditionary Force Headquarters exercise.

The annual exercise known as Joint Protector is a command exercise that is designed to test the British Led Joint Expeditionary Force Headquarters and build relationships between the partner nations that make up the Joint Expeditionary Force. 

This year the exercise was being held at the Danish town of Nymindegab. The main force consisted of nearly 400 British personnel drawn in the main from the UK’s Standing Strategic Command deployable headquarters commanded by Major General Morris. 

Image shows personnel in a catering hall.

3 Mobile Catering Squadron provided the messing facilities for the deployed Joint Expeditionary Force Headquarters preparing and serving meals for all the deployed allied nations that make up the headquarters.

The Squadron Warrant Officer for 3 Mobile Catering Squadron, Warrant Officer Booth, was also deployed as a Staff Officer in the HQ.

Food and morale go hand in hand. It takes real skill and focus to make sure that people are given nourishing and tasty food that they can enjoy.

It was no easy task feeding more than 300 Joint Expeditionary Force personnel, distinguished visitors, and VIPs. But the team from 3 Mobile Catering Squadron and the individual augmentees received a Commander’s Award for their contribution to this exercise. They’ve done the RAF, 3 Mobile Catering Squadron and their Squadron Warrant Officer proud.

Warrant Officer Booth
3 Mobile Catering Squadron

This year the Deputy Commander was Danish Brigadier Jette Albinus.

The exercise is not built around a fictious scenario.  It reflects that even though it is an exercise, we gain some experience in relation to the possible development of the current situation and possible Joint Expeditionary Force courses of action.

Brigadier Jette Albinus
Deputy Commander

The Joint Expeditionary Force is a multilateral defence cooperation framework led by the United Kingdom, consisting of ten countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Image shows personnel holding plates inside a catering hall.

The objective of the Joint Expeditionary Force is to enhance the participant countries’ capabilities and where necessary operate collectively if a crisis situation in Northern Europe develops.

3 Mobile Catering Squadron is a part of the RAF’s A4 Force Elements, which bring together many of the engineering and logistics capabilities and skills needed to sustain modern air operations and exercises.