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RAF Presentation Team at UK in Jamaica Fair 2020

The RAF Presentation Team are responsible for showcasing the RAF across the globe by highlighting our people, operations and equipment. They recently visited Kingston Jamaica to meet the 7000 visitors who attended the ‘UK in Jamaica Fair 2020’, the brain child of the British High Commissioner of Jamaica Asif Ahmad CMG.

RAF Presentation team with the Minister of Foreign AffairsHon. Kamina J Smith and British High Commissioner Asif Ahmad

They highlighted the close ties of our nations and the UK Armed Forces commitment to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in the region. For example the disaster relief mission back in September 2017 for Hurricane IRMA a category five tropical cyclone with wind speeds of 185mph. Irma killed over 130 people and caused catastrophic damage, leaving thousands of people without shelter and power, facing hunger and disease. 

The MoD work closely with the Department for International Development and the Governments of all Commonwealth countries to assist in times of crisis.

LCpl Shanwayne Stephens, who is part of the RAF Regiment, joined the team on the visit as he is an elite athlete for the RAF bobsled team and also has ties with Jamaica as he is currently on loan to the Jamaican Bobsled Team piloting the team towards the next Olympics in 2022.

LCpl Stephens presented a plaque on behalf of the Royal Air Force to the British High Commissioner Asif Ahmad.

It was great for the RAF to engage with the people and hear personal stories of ties with the air force. For example one woman was the daughter of Flight Lieutenant Arthur Stanley Wint OD MBE who was a Spitfire pilot during World War 2.

 Flight Lieutenant Arthur Stanley Wint OD MBE
Flight Lieutenant Arthur Stanley Wint OD MBE

After the war, Wint won a scholarship to St Bartholomew’s (Barts) Hospital to study medicine. In 1948, he was at the Olympic Games in London; winning a Gold medal in the 400 metres and Silver in the 800 metres.

As well as the RAF being ready to assist in case of an emergency the Royal Navy HMS Medway is always patrolling the Caribbean to safeguard the lives of its citizens. Should a Hurricane strike the two services will work closely together to bring humanitarian aid, from the UK to support the Commonwealth.

Royal Navy personnel of HMS Medway and RAF Personnel


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