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RAF support Norwegian Submarine exercise with NATO partners

Poseidon on the airfield at night, with strobe lights on.

 This week a Poseidon MRA1 (P-8A) aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth has been participating in a multinational anti-submarine warfare exercise off the coast of Norway.  

Exercise ARTIC DOLPHIN is one of a series of routine exercises that provides the RAF an opportunity to test and develop the capabilities of its Maritime Patrol Aircraft alongside NATO allies. 

Poseidon on the runway at night.

Ships from Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany worked alongside each other to hone their skills and ensure they can operate together seamlessly.  As part of the exercise scenario the RAF aircraft worked with Norwegian Frigates including HNLMS Van Amstel to hunt the Dutch submarine HNLMS Zeeleeuw.  

Submarine in the distance with mountains in the background.

This provided a testing operational scenario in a challenging coastal inshore environment which added to the complexity and required close cooperation and advanced techniques, including radar homing.  Continuous training with NATO partners enables integration of tactics, techniques and procedures.  

"Exercises involving multiple nations and their associated maritime fleets?are extremely valuable to all participants. Exercise Arctic Dolphin provides the front-line crews an opportunity to improve the anti-submarine warfare skill set whilst operating with surface and sub-surface platforms."

Flight Lieutenant Smith
Mission Commander for RAF Poseidon

Aircraft in view down a sight instrument.

NATO nations conduct regular training together to develop individual and collective capabilities. Each nation has different expertise and experience and so training together gives an opportunity to share best practice to integrate and strengthen NATO.