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RAF Talent Strategy Launch

An agile, adaptable and capable training and education model is vital if we are to respond to the future needs of the Next Generation Air Force. That is why the RAF has developed the RAF Talent Strategy.

Launched at the Chief of the Air Staff’s Leadership Conference, the Strategy defines our ambition for talent management across the Royal Air Force.

The strategy will build on the work of the People Transformation Programme, to provide framework for developing and attracting talent across the organisation.

Diversity of Talent

The strategy will look at how we expand the RAF’s talent concept beyond a traditional focus on the development of its leaders, enhancing career support and retaining our high potential personnel.

Organisational Benefit

The strategy will also consider how we can harness technology to improve the movement of knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications across the organisation. In addition, it will enhance personnel’s access to learning and development, as well as providing tools to better enable leaders to recognise and support potential within their teams.

Targeted Approaches

Focussing on key skillsets and attributes central to our ambitions for the Next Generation Air Force, the strategy will develop and amend career structures and access to leadership programmes.

‘The Royal Air Force relies on the diversity of thought offered by exceptional professionals from all backgrounds.  We are inclusive in our approach and the only barrier to our peoples’ success, will be drive, ambition and ability.  Our greatest strength lies in our people and the diverse array of talents that they bring to our organisation; whether that be through their leadership, initiative, high levels of expertise or their creativity.  Fully aligned with the RAF Strategy, the RAF Talent Strategy is a milestone in our journey to build an empowered workforce for the future. By placing inclusion and diversity at its heart, it ensures our people systems are blind to anything but talent, whilst providing a range of opportunities and pathways to begin building the vital human component of the Next Generation RAF.’  

Deputy Commander and Air Member Personnel
Air Marshal Andrew Turner


Just part of the enhancements the RAF is making to enhance the offer to our people, the Talent Strategy will provide a road map for the coming 3-5 years. Throughout this time, the Talent Futures team will report on the initiatives and interventions implemented through the Strategy.


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