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RAF Tucano will return to UK Airshows in 2019

A Royal Air Force, Linton-on-Ouse, based pilot has been certified to fly the Tucano T1 at UK air shows for the first time since 2014.


Flight Lieutenant Liam Matthews of 72 Squadron has been selected after a rigorous selection process to be the display pilot for the 2019 air show season.  Liam is currently one of the instructors at RAF Linton-On Ouse where he trains future RAF Fast Jet pilots.

The newly reformed Tucano Display Team led by Lieutenant Matt Nightingale Royal Navy has been working for several months to achieve their Public Display Authority.  This authority has now been achieved following a visit by the Air Officer Commanding 22 Group, Air Vice Marshal James Warren CBE, to inspect the extensive preparations and planning that has been carried out.

“I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has been involved in getting us to this point, considering the last time the Tucano displayed was during the 2014 season. It’s been a big team effort to achieve PDA, and we are now really looking forward to displaying the Tucano to the public, during its final year of Service in the Royal Air Force.”

Flight Lieutenant Liam Matthews of 72 Squadron


The Display Manager, Lt Nightingale said: “Being granted PDA was a culmination of 8 months hard work from a young, but dedicated team, and is the gateway to allowing us celebrate the end of Tucano all over the UK in its final Year. We are eager and excited to begin the 2019 display season and hope that the public will be able to join us to see this fantastic aircraft display throughout the summer.”

The Tucano will be withdrawn later this year ending over 30 years of service.  It’s replacement, the Texan T1, is already based at RAF Valley, Anglesey Wales, where instructors are preparing for the arrival of the first students.

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