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RAF Typhoons join Ukraine Independence Day celebrations in the skies over Kyiv

Typhoons fly in formation trailing yellow and blue smoke.

RAF Typhoons currently based in Romania have taken part in a flypast over the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, as part of the National Ukrainian Independence Day celebrations.

The Typhoons joined four Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 aircraft in a formation flypast with the Ukrainian jets trailing yellow and blue smoke to represent the Ukrainian flag as part of the military parade in Kyiv.  

"Absolutely delighted to see British RAF Typhoons operating alongside Ukrainian Air Force MiG 29s in a show of Great Britain’s support to Ukraine at the celebration of their 30th Anniversary of Independence."

Ms Melinda Simmons
The British Ambassador Ukraine

The parade was also supported by a marching contingent from the Royal Lancers and the British Army Band Colchester who are in Ukraine as part of Operation Orbital, the UK’s military capacity building mission to Ukraine.

Typhoons fly in formation trailing yellow and blue smoke.

The Typhoons that took part in the flypast are from RAF Lossiemouth based IX (B) Squadron and flew from their temporary base in Romania to conduct the flypast before returning to Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base on the Romanian Black Sea coast near Constanta.

"Our role, in addition to conducting the NATO mission, is to demonstrate the UK’s support to our partners and allies in the Black Sea Region.  It was an honour to be invited to participate in the Ukrainian Independence Day celebrations and a pleasure for us all that we could accept the invitation."

Wing Commander Lamping
Officer Commanding 121 Expeditionary Air Wing

Typhoons fly in formation trailing yellow and blue smoke.

The UK has provided specialist military training for the Ukrainian Military since 2015 and together with other countries has offered this support following a request from the Ukrainian Government.  The Royal Lancers during their deployment this year have delivered essential life-saving training to over 1500 members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.