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RAF Voyager supports French A400M flights

A Royal Air Force Brize Norton based Voyager aircraft, currently operating from Cyprus, has carried out Air-to-Air Refuelling drills, with a French Air and Space Force A400M Atlas Transport aircraft.

RAF Voyager aircraft flying against a bright blue sky

Unlike a routine refuelling sortie, the opportunity was taken to carry out multiple refuelling drills over the Eastern Mediterranean to give the French pilots the experience of carrying out Air-to-Air Refuelling from an RAF Voyager Multi Role Tanker Transport aircraft.  This was the first time a French A400M Atlas has conducted such training with an RAF Voyager.

French A400M flying in preparation for air-to-air refuelling

“It is a great opportunity to carry out drills such as this sortie provided, with our French friends and Allies. Refuelling another nation’s A400M, is something that we do not often have the opportunity to do”.

Squadron Leader Willers
903 Expeditionary Air Wing Air Mobility Detachment Commander

The primary role of the Voyager, when based in Cyprus is to contribute to the ongoing counter Daesh mission being conducted by the global coalition.  This involves regular sorties to conduct Air-to-Air refuelling of RAF Typhoon and other suitably equipped coalition aircraft for their sorties over Syria and Iraq.

RAF personnel on board the Voyager dealing with the technology on board to assist the air-to-air refuelling

A second Voyager sortie is currently planned for when the French A400M returns to France after completion of the French activities.