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Scottish Hockey star Emily Dark has hit the mark.

AC Emily Dark playing Hockey for Team GB.

Recently, Scottish and GB international hockey player, Emily Dark joined 603 Squadron to train as a reservist in the RAF Regiment.

Having only attested into 603 Squadron in November 2020, she quickly completed her initial training at the Squadron HQ in Edinburgh, before travelling to RAF Halton to partake in the 2-week residential Basic Recruit Training Course (BRTC) in March.

The Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) aspect was very challenging. There was a lot of interesting theory to learn, alongside drills dressed in uniform and the CBRN suit which made them a lot harder. I'm just thankful there wasn't too much sun.

Emily Dark
603 Squadron

AC Emily with three other recruits.

Whilst there, she truly excelled herself and was the worthy winner of both the Top Recruit and Top Shot.

Now, she moves on to her Phase 2 training to become the Squadron’s first ever female RAF Regiment Gunner which will be initially be carried out in and around the Edinburgh areas before a further 2-week cumulative exercise known as Exercise OMEGA at RAF Honington later this year.

Emily recounted her best memory as "the exercise at the end was a great opportunity to put everything we learnt over the two weeks into practice. Going on patrol and shooting blanks whilst practicing fire and movement drills was amazing! The range day was brilliant as well, and I can't wait to spend more time on the range in my Phase 2 training."

Whilst not playing international hockey or training to be a Regiment Gunner, Emily is studying Physics at the St Andrews University.

AC Emily smiling.

Everyone at 603 Squadron is extremely proud of what Emily has achieved in such a short period of time – she has done the herself, the training team and the Squadron proud!

I felt extremely proud to have finished the course and that I had really achieved something whilst meeting some incredible people.

Emily Dark
603 Squadron

AC Dark in PCS uniform.

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