Secretary Of State For Defence Visits The Armed Forces In Cyprus

In a recent visit to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, Secretary of State for Defence (SofS), Rt Hon Mr Gavin Williamson MP spoke with station and 903 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) personnel.

SofS thanked service personnel for their valiant contribution in support of Op SHADER and acknowledged that it must be difficult to be deployed over the Christmas period being away from family and friends.

He added that

“Each and every one of you has made an impact in destroying and degrading Daesh”.

In his closing remarks, SofS said:

“Thank you for being here and protecting our country – without your continuous efforts Britain would be so much weaker”

Group Captain Simon Strasdin, Commanding Officer of 903 EAW said “It was a privilege to host the Secretary of State for Defence at RAF Akrotiri today. I was extremely proud to be able to introduce him to the servicemen and women who are working tirelessly to degrade Daesh capability whilst deployed in support of Op SHADER. Crucially, the visit also allowed SofS to see the great team at RAF Akrotiri enabling the delivery of air power across the spectrum of deployed capabilities”.

After addressing the troops at RAF Akrotiri, Secretary of State for Defence was flown by an 84 Squadron Griffin helicopter to a meeting in Nicosia.

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