RAF News

Short Term Training Team in Jordan

Personnel from No. 2 Force Protection Wing based at RAF Leeming have deployed to Jordan. Following a request by the Jordanians to develop the Operational Readiness and Training Cycle.


Four member of 34 Squadron RAF Regiment are currently deployed as part of an STTT to assist the Jordan Armed Forces with their ongoing restructuring and implementation of a readiness cycle. The team are facilitating training to the existing pool of competent, capable instructors who will deliver the training to the Jordanian Military.

The training will include Weapon handling, Fieldcraft, Delivery of Battle Lessons and Battle Exercises and First Aid.  At the end of the training the students will complete a progressive 3-week infantry and urban tactics Exercise.


As part of the UK-Jordan Partnership the team will assist in building capacity in the Jordanian Armed Forces through regular engagement of UK armed forces.

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