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Strategic Support Programme set to revolutionise Military HR Services

The RAF’s Strategic Support Programme (SSP) passed a significant milestone on 7th December, with the RAF Board approving a new model for delivering HR Services to military personnel.

The changes, which come into effect from April next year, represent the most significant change to the Service’s HR delivery in decades. SSP is a key enabler for Astra – our journey to the Next Generation Air Force.

The new HR model ratified by the Board will ensure that personal and welfare support services continue to be delivered at unit level, recognising the importance of face-to-face engagement for these vital services. Core HR services will, however, be delivered centrally from April 2021, using new digital technology that will save time and money by making outdated paper forms and unpopular processes obsolete, significantly improving the user experience.

“The roll out of the Strategic Support Programme is an essential part of Astra, our journey to the Next Generation Royal Air Force. People first – our people asked for improvements, that’s why we are starting with the services we rely on day-to-day so they are more accessible and better. This is the beginning of the journey to modernise our Service, with much more to come.”

Air Marshal Andrew Turner
Deputy Commander Capability

The HR improvements aren’t the only changes that SSP is delivering in 2021 - two other projects, Aerodrome Operations and Airfield Services and C4I, are also gearing up for an April 2021 launch and we’ll be telling you more about these exciting initiatives in the New Year.

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