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Two RAF Typhoon Squadrons deploy simultaneously to opposite sides of the world

This week, two Typhoon Squadrons have deployed simultaneously to Operation Carson in Poland & Exercise Bersama Lima in Malaysia.

In Poland, the operational detachment codenamed Op Carson, involves pilots undertaking combat air training with NATO allies Poland, Italy and Spain. This training includes dogfighting against different types of aircraft, and Close Air Support (CAS) training that helps ground forces in combat. This activity went ahead of the Warsaw Security Forum, where ministers from Defence and the FCDO stressed the need to maintain support for Ukraine and keep up the pressure on Russia.

RAF Typhoon and a foreign aircraft flying together over land

In Malaysia, the Typhoons flew nearly 7000 miles with support of the Voyager aircraft to work together in an air defence scenario with partners from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. These nations form the Five Powers Defence Arrangements (FPDA), which is a defensive military agreement to help maintain security in the region.

4 typhoon aircraft flying in sequence against bright blue sky and fluffy clouds

Whether its flying alongside allies in Poland, or 7000 miles away in Malaysia, our jets are always busy developing strong and enduring international partnerships.