15 Squadron RAF Regiment falls under 3 Force Protection Wing.  It is a unit capable of delivering the full spectrum of Force Protection effects including Dismounted Close Combat, Ground Extraction, Close Quarter Battle and operating in a Chemical, Biological, Radioactive or Nuclear environment.

The Squadron comprises of nearly 170 personnel including tactical RAF Police, mechanics, chefs, clerks and a paramedic, and equipped with support weapons such as General Purpose Machine Guns (in the Sustained Fire role) and Anti-Tank weapons.  

They are able to assist with a Joint Personnel Recovery and Ground Extraction Force and regularly conducts training exercises across the UK and overseas in support of RAF Operations.

To be reckoned with anywhere



1946   Formed at RAF Nethertown as 2700 Light Anti-Aircraft Squadron; equipped with 40mm Bofors Guns.  Before being renamed as 15 (Field) Squadron in 1958.

1959 – 1970   Deployed to multiple locations in the Middle East and Far East including RAF Gan in the Maldives, RAF Changi in Singapore, Labauan, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong RAF Salalah in Oman, RAF Muharraq in Bahrain and RAF Kai Tak in Hong Kong.

1982   The Squadron was equipped with the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) Spartan, a capability it maintained until 1990 when it an air defence Squadron, equipped with the Rapier Surface-to-air missile system based at RAF Leeming.

2001 – 2014   Conducted numerous deployments to Operation Telic and Operation Herrick, with 15 Squadron being amongst the last British troops to leave Camp Bastion at the conclusion of Operation Herrick 20.

2017 – 2020   15 Squadron supported the Force Protection of the F-35B Lightning in the UK and overseas, including deploying on Lightning Dawn the first overseas deployment of the aircraft.

2020   15 Squadron RAF Regiment moved to RAF Marham.


2001 and 2014   Afghanistan

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