2622 Squadron RAuxAF Regiment

Seasaidh Sinn Ar Tir (We Stand Our Ground)


2622 Squadron RAuxAF Regiment falls under 5 Force Protection Wing.  They recruit, train and generate RAF Police and RAF Regiment Reserve personnel in support of RAF Operations at home and abroad. 

The Squadron falls under 5 Force Protection Wing.  The specialise in airfield defence and recruits from across the north of Scotland, to trains and deploy Reservists wherever the RAF is on exercise or operations, in the UK and overseas.

They require a minimum commitment of 27 days (paid) per year which results in an annual tax-free lump sum ‘bounty’ payment, with training offered throughout the year, on one weekend each month.

The Squadron tartan is the ‘Grey Douglas’, which can be worn by those serving on RAF Reserve Squadrons based in Scotland.


1979 - Formed at RAF Lossiemouth, 2622 Squadron is proud to have been based there for its whole life.

1980s - Trained for the defence of RAF Lossiemouth in the Cold War.

1990s - Volunteers deployed on operations with the RAF Regiment to Bosnia, Cyprus and Kuwait.

2003 - 2014 - The Squadron mobilised for Operation TELIC at the start of the second Gulf War; 53 personnel served in the Middle East.  A total of 74 personnel also served in Iraq and Afghanistan on stabilisation operations.

2006 - 2622 Squadron became the first Squadron in the RAF Reserves to be awarded a Squadron Standard, in recognition of 25 years of unbroken service.

Battle honours

  • Squadron Standard


2622 Squadron, RAF Lossiemouth, Moray IV31 6SD

For media enquiries, please contact the media and communications team at RAF Lossiemouth.

For recruitment enquiries, please phone: 0345 606 9069

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