33 Squadron

Providing tactical air-mobility.



33 Squadron are based at RAF Benson, home to the RAF's Puma force. The Squadron was formed initially as a home defence unit. Aircraft flown include the Avro 504, Hurricane I, Javelin FAW7 and Puma HC1. 33 Squadron returned to the front line supporting Operation Toral in Afghanistan in 2014.


1916   Formed at Filton.

1935   Took part in the Abyssinian crisis.

1970   The RAF's first Puma Squadron.

2014   Took delivery of the upgraded Puma HC2.

Battle honours

1916-1918*   Home Defence

1936-1939   Palestine

1940-1943*   Egypt and Libya

1941*   Greece

1941*   El Alamein

1944-1945*   France and Germany

1944*   Normandy



1991*   Gulf

2003-2011*   Iraq

(Honours marked with an asterisk may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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