617 Squadron

The RAF's Lightning (F-35B) squadron.

Badge for 617 Squadron

After me, the flood

On a roundel, a wall in fesse, fracted by three flashes of lightning in pile and issuant from the breach water proper - approved by King George VI in March 1944. The broken dam is indicative of the successful attack on the dams in May 1943.


  • Based at RAF Marham 
  • One of the most famous RAF squadrons following the Dambusters Raid. 
  • Former aircraft flown include Lancaster, Vulcan B.2 and Tornado GR1.
  • The RAF's first multi-role supersonic stealth aircraft.


1943 - Formed at RAF Scampton.

1943 - Carried out strikes against Dams in the Ruhr Valley using the Barnes Wallis 'bouncing bomb'.

1982 - Stood up as a Tornado GR1 unit.

2003 - Flew the RAF's first operational mission using Storm Shadow.

2011 - Took part in Operation ELLAMY. 

2018 - Stood-Up at RAF Marham as Lightning (F-35B) Squadron

Battle honours

Fortress Europe 1943-1945*

The Dams*

Biscay Ports 1944*

France and Germany 1944-1945*

Normandy 1944*


Channel and North Sea 1944-1945*

German Ports 1945*

Gulf 1991

 Iraq 2003-2011

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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