92 Squadron

The RAF's Tactics and Training Squadron.

Either fight or die


  • Based at RAF Waddington, providing air training and tactics advice to commanders and units for the tactical employment of air power
  • Previous aircraft include the Spitfire, Lightning and Phantom
  • Pilots Robert Stanford-Tuck and Geoffrey Wellum both flew with the Squadron
  • It shares its squadron number with a Battle of Britain class steam engine which runs on the Nene Valley railway


1917 - Formed at London Colney as a scout fighter squadron.

1939 - Reformed at RAF Tangmere flying light bombers, before receiving Spitfires early the next year.

1942 - Left the UK for the Middle East and spent the World War Two in the Mediterranean theatre of operations.

1968 - Moved to RAF Gutersloh, Germany, flying the Lightning F.2A interceptor.

1992 - Stood up as a training unit at RAF Brawdy until 1994.

2009 - Reformed as the training and tactics element of the Air Warfare Centre at RAF Waddington

Battle honours

Western Front, 1918

Somme, 1918

Hindenburg Line


Home Defence, 1940-1941

France & Low Countries, 1940

Battle of Britain, 1940*

Fortress Europe, 1941-1941*

Egypt & Libya, 1942-1943

El Alamein

El Hamma Mediterranean, 1943

Sicily, 1943

Italy, 1943-1945

Anzio & Nettuno

Gustav Line

Gothic Line

(Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard)


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