IV Squadron is based at RAF Valley, in Anglesey, home to mountain and maritime aircrew training. The Squadron provided aerial reconnaissance imagery for the D-Day landings. Aircraft flown by the Squadron have included Spitfire XI, Hunter F4, and the Harrier GR7. IV Squadron delivers training to the first ab-initio F-35 Lightning pilots.

To see into the future



1912   Formed at Farnborough as part of the Royal Flying Corps.

1915   Commanded by Charles Longcroft, who went on to become the first Commandant of the RAF College.

1943   Became part of the Second Tactical Air Force beginning 55 years of Service on the continent in reconnaissance and ground attack roles.

1982   Flew Harriers from RAF Stanley after the Falklands War.

2010   IV Squadron stood down as a Harrier Squadron but was re-activated at RAF Valley in its present role the same year.


1914-1918*   Western Front

1914-1918*   Mons

1914-1918*   Neuve Chapelle

1916   Somme

1917*   Ypres

1917*   Lys

1918*   Somme

1939-1940*   France and Low Countries

1942-1944   Fortress Europe

1944-1945*   France and Germany

1944*   Normandy

1944*   Arnhem

1944*   Rhine

2003*   Iraq

*Honours marked with an asterisk are emblazoned on the Squadron’s Standards.