XVII Test and Evaluation Squadron are based at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

They became the RAF's first Typhoon squadron (in the operational evaluation role).

Aircraft flown have included the Hurricane I & II, Canberra PR7 and the Tornado GR1. XVII Test and Evaluation Squadron are responsible for bringing the UK's first 5th generation combat aircraft into Royal Navy and Royal Air Force front-line service.

Strive to excel


1915   Formed at Gosport and saw service in the Middle East.

1940   Took part in the Battle of Britain.

1941   Moved to the Far East, where it spent the rest of the War.

1991   Took part in the first Gulf War flying the Tornado GR1.

2003   The first RAF squadron to receive the Eurofighter Typhoon.

2014   The first UK squadron to take delivery of F-35B Lightning.


1915 - 1916*   Egypt

1916*   Palestine

1916 - 1918*   Macedonia

1940*   France & Low Countries

1940*   Dunkirk

1940   Home Defence

1940*   Battle of Britain

1942*   Burma

1943   Arakan

1944 - 1945*   Burma

1991*   Gulf

*Honours marked with an asterisk, may be emblazoned on the Squadron Standard

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