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Upgrade Work at RRH Brizlee Wood

The skyline of Northumberland is about to change. Work is currently ongoing at Remote Radar Head (RRH) Brizlee Wood to ready it for its continuing role in providing an operational picture of UK airspace to our Command and Control Centre (CRC).

Air Defence Radar at the RAF Boulmer Operations Site

Before Christmas we moved the Air Defence Radar, situated at RRH Brizlee Wood, to our Operations Site to prepare for the works. Over the next few weeks the iconic ‘Golf Ball’ will be dismantled. After a short absence, a new, more streamlined ‘Golf Ball’ will be installed and Air Defence Activities will resume from the original site.

Ongoing Work at Remote Radar Head Brizlee Wood.

Station Commander RAF Boulmer and Director Battlespace Management Operations, Group Captain ‘Chesh’ Cowieson said:

‘This upgrade will ensure that Brizlee Wood continues as an integral component of the UK’s Air Defence system. While it will be unusual to many - including myself - to see the Alnwick skyline without the ‘Golf Ball’ on the hill, it will be replaced soon. My Engineering and Logistics Wing has done a fantastic job to ensure that this complex work will not impact our critical operational output, and I look forward to watching the work progress’.

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