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ESUAS Shuttleworth Flight

Chief Test Pilot Roger Bailey educated the group not only on the birth of aviation, but on the development of aircraft design and the evolution of early Air Power. Following a 30 question quiz on the Principles of Flight and aviation history, engineering student Officer Cadet Lewis Anderson of Perth College, earned a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly with Mr Bailey in the last airworthy Westland Lysander.

Chief Test Pilot Roger Bailey with Officer Cadet Lewis Anderson
Chief Test Pilot Roger Bailey and Officer Cadet Lewis Anderson with the last airworthy Westland Lysander.

In keeping with the focus of Force Development, which explored the link between Intelligence and Air Power, Anderson was flown over former RAF Tempsford to visualise the very site many SOE operatives departed from. Having held stands earlier that week at Duxford, Bletchley Park, Henlow, ‘Gibraltar Farm’ and the Tempsford Memorial, this special event brought to life a fascinating period of air power history.

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