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Fit For Life Day

2020's fast approaching and soon the majority of us will be starting our annual ritual of New Year resolutions, getting fit, losing weight, eating healthily, looking after finances better, being more aware of your medical wellbeing, cleaning my teeth better, reducing stress, being more spiritual amongst many other journeys millions of people start in the New Year.

Lots persevere but many of us don't and we soon lapse back to the habits we wanted to change in the first place. Why is this?

Many reasons and far too many to go through on this post, however not having the right advice or direction from the experts giving us motivation to see a positive habitual change for a complete lifestyle change is up there as one of the reasons. That's where the Fit4Life day, hosted by the RAF Cosford Health and wellbeing committee, comes in.

Fit For Life Poster

We have brought together all the very best experts on Station, local community or national governing bodies to give you the best advice in helping you achieve your goals or open your mind to new ones with the intention of making a positive impression for you to be better you. The event will take place in the Stone Gymnasium on Wednesday 15th January 20 opening at 1100 and going through to 1900 and is open to ALL personnel working at RAF Cosford and their families. You will get to meet the Station Sports teams, Physical fitness specialists, experts from the Medical and Dental centres, mindfulness and stress experts, Nutritionists, physiotherapists, massage professionals, financial guidance, Service and national Charities, Religious and many other exhibits. Whilst there are a lot of exhibits to peruse around at your leisure there will also be the opportunity to get involved and "have a go" at a vast array of activities, try a sport you've always wanted to try, open your mind to mindfulness, make your own smoothie whist peddling on a bike. If this all sounds too physical, bearing in mind you're only 15 days into your New Year's Resolution, then you can always take a seat and take in a motivational presentation including past Olympic and Commonwealth athletes, Nutritional advice & positive thinking amongst other inspiring talks. Finally, Jadene Ryder who works at the Cosford Shop and is a talented singer in her own right will be performing a set of songs to close the event.“

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