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On Monday 27th February Air Commodore Strasdin, ISTAR Force Commander, visited staff at the HR Centre 2 Hub at RAF Cranwell.  

Hosted by Wing Commander Mann, SO1 HR (A), Air Commodore Strasdin spent time talking with the team in an informal setting, discussing their lived experience and the forthcoming developments in HR.

He concluded with a group address, offering his thanks for the outstanding support offered by the team since the introduction of the HR Operating Model and the subsequent formation of the AIR HR Service.

Air Commodore Strasdin was especially impressed with the work done by the Appraisals team in ensuring that the 9,000 Service Personnel parented by HR Centre 2 in the UK and the US have been given consistently high-quality support: in recognition of the outstanding work of the Appraisals team, they were awarded with an ISTAR Force Commander’s Team Commendation. The citation reads as follows:

Through its magnificent management of ISTAR Force personnel’s appraisals across all ranks from Air Specialist 2 to Air Commodore, the Human Resources Centre 2 (HRC 2) Appraisals Team has confounded the sceptics who believed that the implementation of the Human Resources Operating Model (HROM) would fail in toto.

Headquartered at RAF Cranwell, but providing remote support to multiple bases including RAF Waddington, the HRC 2 Appraisals Team successfully presents itself as a tight, disciplined and coherent group of professionals, bringing their collective human resources knowledge to bear in the best interests of the personnel they serve. Their expertise has helped thousands of personnel, including those in the ISTAR Force based remotely in the USA, ensuring that multinational chains of command are supported across multiple time zones to achieve accurate and timely appraisals for our Service personnel. Through their attentive, swift, and thorough management of all matters relating to personnel reporting, the HRC 2 Appraisals Team has been a flagship of excellence, exceeding in timeliness and quality the service that was provided prior to HROM implementation.

The strain of serving thousands of Service personnel and their command chain is significant, yet the Appraisals Team members never drop their standard of customer service, applying the same diligence and levels of courtesy to all with whom they interact. As a consequence of their exemplary professionalism, they have most significantly bolstered the moral component of the ISTAR Force’s fighting power, ensuring that faith in the Royal Air Force’s reporting system has been preserved in the face of doubts that arose with the implementation of HROM.

For their peerless example of excellence to which every single military and civilian member of the team has made a major contribution, the HRC 2 Appraisals Team is deserving of formal recognition.

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