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Exercise Phoenix Edge

Officer Cadets from Modular Initial Officer Training Course (MIOTC) No 19 recently deployed on Exercise PHOENIX EDGE, a three-day exercise at the end of Module 1 of MIOTC.

The exercise certainly tested their resilience as it was extremely cold and foggy!  The exercise allows the officer cadets to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of the Military Skills Training they have received over the first five weeks of the course. The exercise is carried out within a simulated environment at a local airfield.  This training is required in order for them to continue with their Phase 1 Training at the RAF Officer Training Academy.

During the exercise the officer cadets are constantly assessed on their weapon handling skills as well as learning about individual fieldcraft skills including target indication and reaction to a fire control order. They are also taught minor tactics, techniques and procedures which are used when the patrol comes under effective enemy fire. MIOTC 19 cadets were also taught how to conduct detailed searches on individuals and vehicles, and what actions they should take as a result of those searches.

On the final day of the exercise the officer cadets rotate through minor battle exercise scenarios where they are assessed on all the fieldcraft skills they have learnt throughout Module 1.

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