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Arnold Intake Graduated Basic Training this week watched by The Chief of The Air Staff, ACM Wigston, who was the Reviewing Officer for the day and escorted by Cpl Nancy Hobson.  In all 85 Recruits graduated in front of 240 excited family and friends.
The Fly Past was by a Chinook from 18 Squadron based at RAF Odiham and a Puma from 230 Squadron based at RAF Benson.

Arnold Intake Graduation
Image by: RAF Halton Photographic Section

Flights 1 and 2 marched out on to the Henderson Parade Square behind Flight Commander, Flt Lt Andy Furlong. The Queen’s Colour was paraded and borne by Fg Of Thom Coverdale, RTS Adjutant.

ACM Wigston presented trophies to: 

AC Hyland, who received The Rothschild Trophy, awarded to the recruit who achieves the highest overall standard in Initial Force Protection Training. Awarded during the course, and The Lord Trenchard Trophy, awarded to the most outstanding Recruit on Intake. 

AC Calton – The Halton Aircraft Apprentice Trophy, awarded to the recruit who achieved the highest overall standard in drill and deportment.  Awarded during the course.

AC Hazell – The Halton Aircraft Apprentice Shield, awarded to the recruit who has demonstrated the highest overall standard in Physical Education

AC Kavanagh – The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund Trophy, awarded for displaying the greatest willingness to help others.

AC Johnson – The Mayor of Aylesbury Trophy, awarded for the greatest determination and perseverance during the Basic Recruit Training Course, BRTC.

AC Ingham - The Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire Trophy, awarded for the greatest improvement on the BRTC.

Musical accompaniment was from The Band Of The Royal Air Force Regiment.
Sherin Aminossehe, MOD Director of Infrastructure and Wing Commander Sarah Brewin, Infrastructure Capability based at Air Command, were the Engagement Guests for the day.

Arnold Intake Graduation
Image by: RAF Halton Photographic Section

Over the last few weeks the recruits have worked tirelessly to prove to their directing staff that they deserve to be on the parade square on the final day of the course. The directing staffs have worked hard to ensure that every recruit is given the best training and support. What about the families at home? If it weren’t for the support that the families of the recruits show towards their loved ones whilst they go through the course, many would find it much harder indeed. Knowing that a friendly voice is just a phone call away can make life much more comfortable, especially in the first weeks when homesickness may start to set in. So, 62 days after the attestation into the Royal Air Force, families, friends, staff and recruits can all be proud to say they took part.

Arnold Intake Graduation
Image by: RAF Halton Photographic Section

Following graduation, recruits will clear their bed space, pack all their kit and move onto their next location. Depending on their trade and when their individual training (Phase II) courses are scheduled to begin, those locations will vary; some recruits will commence their Phase II training immediately, while others will “hold” on Airman’s Development Flight at RAF Halton until their Phase II training course start date matures. 

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