Nimrod Model in Forres is getting a facelift from RAF Lossiemouth Personnel

Personnel from RAF Lossiemouth have taken it upon themselves to refurbish a model of a Nimrod Maritime Patrol Aircraft situated in Forres. The small team of volunteers have recently removed the model from its position at the War Veterans’ Cottages, Roysvale Park, and are now preparing to have it cleaned, stripped, repaired, and repainted before returning it to Forres in a few months’ time.

Personnel carefully carrying the Nimrod Model towards the low-loader.

Sgt Andy Holborn is an engineer who will work on the new P-8A Maritime Patrol Aircraft that will shortly be coming to RAF Lossiemouth, and he is co-ordinating the work with the support of Forres Community Council.

Volunteers from RAF Lossiemouth
Volunteers from RAF Lossiemouth

“This Nimrod model is a lovely tribute, but when a colleague noticed it is starting to look a little the worse for wear we decided to try to get it fixed.  With the help of various sections on the Station hopefully we’ll be able to bring this Nimrod back to its former glory and make it a suitable memorial to the men and women who operated the aircraft from RAF Kinloss.”

Sergeant Andy Holborn
Project Coordinator


Loaded onto the low-loader, the Nimrod Model awaits transport to RAF Lossiemouth.

The model and garden area at the War Veterans’ Cottages is a memorial to Nimrod personnel who have lost their lives while serving, and has also become a site that marks the good relations between Forres and RAF Kinloss.

The model is constructed of wood and steel and is expected to be back in place around the end of May.

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