The Longest Run

‘Keep on running’ seems to be Cpl Jon Ward’s motto; a Logistics Mover at RAF Lossiemouth, he has recently completed a 214 mile non-stop run across Scotland.

Jon is an accomplished marathon runner, having run over 100 marathons, but his recent run was the most physically and mentally challenging for him.  The GB Ultra Race takes a 214 mile route along the Southern Upland Way from the west to east coasts of Scotland.  135 runners started the race with around half dropping out before reaching the finish line.  Jon’s run took him 98 hours and 39 minutes – just scraping in under the 100 hour time limit.

Cpl Jon Ward receives his finisher's medal
Cpl Jon Ward, from RAF Lossiemouth, receives his finisher's medal after running 214 miles across Scotland

Jon said of his epic run:

“Physically I'm broken but mentally I feel amazing and proud. I finished last but nevertheless it was about completing it.  I just broke down in tears of joy at the end. 

“I have never done something that has physically and mentally challenged me to that level.  I had a couple of dark times, where I was considering dropping out.  However, I’m glad I didn't; grinding the pain out was worth it!”

Jon is a Logistic Mover at RAF Lossiemouth, meaning he's responsible for getting the right equipment to the right people on time.  This could be arranging for Typhoon parts to be sent to personnel supporting operations overseas, or receiving equipment back at RAF Lossiemouth from overseas exercises. 

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