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Typhoon Night Flying from Kinloss Barracks

From Tuesday 1st September until Thursday 17th September, RAF Lossiemouth will be conducting Typhoon night flying from Kinloss Barracks. This will involve our aircraft operating slightly later than usual, from 1030 – 0030L Monday to Thursday.

One of the Squadron technicians inspects a Team Lossie Typhoon FGR4.

As always, this flying is absolutely essential for our pilots, engineers and technicians as they work up towards future operational deployments. Training in low light conditions is an important skill our pilots must regularly practise.

Night flying is part of an essential training programme required to ensure military aircrew are proficient in the necessary skills to operate aircraft safely at night. After a summer of days with long hours of daylight there is a need to refresh the aircrews’ night flying skills.

Typhoons basking in the evening sun.

We understand that noise late into the evening can create disruption, and so we do our utmost to vary the location of our activities wherever possible. However, this isn't possible in the immediate vicinity of RAF Lossiemouth and Kinloss Barracks where the aircraft must take off and land. Those in the immediate vicinity of either of these airfields should expect an increase in noise until 0030 on Monday to Thursday, until 17th September. 

1(F) Squadron on the dispersal at RAF Lossiemouth.

Resurfacing of our runways at Lossie continues at pace, with Volkerfitzpatrick working 24/7 to enable the swift return of QRA, Typhoon flying, and the arrival of Poseidon for the first time!

Aerial view of the runway resurfacing at RAF Lossiemouth. Photo by Flt Lt Iain Bright.

We must prepare our air crews for possible operational activity in any environment, hence the need to carry out rigorous training and continuous practice in the day and at night. Realistic training at night is essential to ensure our crews maintain the necessary skills and we do all that we can to minimise disruption to our local community.


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