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Ex WAAF Phyllis Felton: Happy 100th Birthday

Squadron Leader Rhos Edwards from RAF Odiham, Flight Lieutenant Mark Mckinstry and Corporal Rob Bourne visited Ex Women's Auxillary Air Force Phyllis Felton this weekend to wish her a very Happy 100th Birthday on behalf of the Royal Air Force.

Phyllis’ family hosted a small surprise birthday party where Sqn Ldr Edwards learnt about Phyllis’ time in the WAAF.

I really have been spoilt rotten and having members of the Royal Air Force here has been a massive plus. I have so many fond memories of my time serving in the WAAF.

Phyllis Felton

Phyllis commissioned as a Flying Officer and was involved with Coastal Command tracking U-Boats and E-Boats during critical phases of the war. Additionally, Phyllis supported the D-Day planning efforts and towards the end of the War she was posted to the Far East.

Phyllis has received many awards for her service including being mentioned in dispatches, receiving an MBE and being awarded the Legion D' Honneur for her service.

We are incredibly lucky she has such clear memories from her time in the WAAF. She is so humble and it perfectly underscores that generation that just got on with it in such difficult times. It has been a fantastic day and it is brilliant to have birthday wishes delivered by the Royal Air Force in person.

Michael Felton, Phyllis' Son.

It was my honour to attend Phyllis' birthday celebration and to pass on the best wishes of the Royal Air Force to such a remarkable lady. It is vital we continue to show our gratitude to our veterans and properly mark the sacrifices they made in such testing times all those years ago.

 Squadron Leader Rhos Edwards, RAF Odiham

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