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Personnel from XIII Squadron, based at RAF Waddington, received Operation SHADER medals, without clasp, today in a ceremony held in the Officers’ Mess.

The eligibility criteria for the Operational Service Medal Iraq and Syria was widened earlier this year to recognise those who are delivering a direct and significant contribution to Operation SHADER whilst operating outside the traditional area of operations.

XIII Squadron operate the MQ-9 Reaper Remotely Piloted Aircraft System from Ground Control Stations at RAF Waddington, and are involved in operations in support of Operation SHADER. This is first time the crews at RAF Waddington have received formal medallic recognition for their contribution to the Operation.

Officer Commanding XIII Squadron, Wing Commander Mark Jackson said, ‘I am absolutely delighted to see wider recognition for the Squadron today. Their constant effort and contribution in support of operations should be justly rewarded’.

Over 50 personnel were awarded medals at the ceremony today in front of their families and fellow XIII Squadron members. The medals were presented by Air Marshal Osborn.





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