Who We Are

RAF Commissioned Chaplains are authorised leaders from the major world religions and provide pastoral and spiritual care for all personnel and their dependants, irrespective of religious belief or status.

What We Do

Chaplains provide spiritual support, strength and guidance to service personnel and their families. They are a valuable source of personal well-being and guidance in times of war and peace.

World Faith Chaplains

Mrs Mandeep Kaur (Sikh)

Mr Krishan Attri (Hindu)

Dr Sunil Kariyakarawana (Buddhist)

Rabbi Reuben Livingstone (Jewish)


If you are investigating whether God is calling you to RAF Chaplaincy then we would like to invite you to spend some time with us on an RAF unit, and meet and talk with serving RAF chaplains as you seek to discern your vocation.

There is an ambition to recruit a uniformed Non-Religious Pastoral Worker, on the same terms as an RAF Chaplain, within the coming months. If you would like more details about this role, and the qualifications and experience required, then please contact the recruitment team.

If you are a theological student or minister of religion from one of the MOD’s list of sending churches or endorsing authorities, and you would like to explore this possibility further, then please contact us: 01400 267025 or [email protected].

If you are interested in joining the RAF as a Chaplain, RAF Recruitment for more information.

Chaplain in Chief and Archdeacon for the Royal Air Force

The Venerable Dr (Air Vice-Marshal) Giles Legood MBE KHC

Giles Legood was ordained into the Church of England in 1992. After taking his degree at King’s College London in 1988, Legood worked in the City for 2 years before training for the priesthood. Working in the veterinary and medical environment, in addition to pastoral work he taught ethics and communication skills. 

Whilst working in the university he was commissioned as a Reservist chaplain, before joining the RAF as a Regular in 2007. In 2008 he served on Op Telic as chaplain to 903 EAW and JHF(I) based in Basrah, Iraq.

In 2013 Legood deployed on Op Herrick, serving as chaplain to the UK Joint Force Medical Group, based at the hospital at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan. For this tour he was appointed MBE in the March 2014 Operational Honours List. In 2013 he was promoted to the relative rank of Wing Commander and posted to serve at HQ Air as Staff Chaplain to the Chaplain-in-Chief. 

In 2017 Legood was promoted to become Deputy Chaplain-in Chief (Operations), based at HQ Air. In this role he was responsible for chaplaincy delivery in the UK and the rest of the world, and for chaplaincy training and education. From Sep 2021, Legood studied as a Member of the Royal College of Defence Studies in London. In Aug 22, on completion of the course, he was promoted and appointed Chaplain-in-Chief.

Since July 2018 he has served as an Honorary Chaplain to Her Majesty The Queen, and now His Majesty the King; and since September 2022 as Archdeacon for the Royal Air Force.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

As Chaplain in Chief of the Royal Air Force, I affirm the unique value and worth of every human being and am dedicated to celebrating the diversity that marks our world. Chaplaincy within the armed forces has always sought to minister to human need without discrimination and continues to do so. The chaplains of the Royal Air Force are committed to an all souls ministry, which makes no distinction on the grounds of race, religion, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.
As facilitators of the Beliefs and Values programme at Phase 1 and 2 training units, we assist RAF personnel to think deeply about human dignity and behaviour, and use this opportunity to explore the importance of that common human identity. Chaplaincy within the RAF is committed to nurturing and developing an inclusive community,  welcoming to all and constantly seeking new ways of affirming the value that diversity brings.

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